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Some of my favorites-   Groundation - Babylon Rule Dem     Israel Vibration - Rude Boy Shufflin'     Rebelution - Feeling Alright     Slightly Stoopid - Above the Clouds  
 You could also check out the Heir Audio 4.Ai S.  Disclaimer, I also do not own these, but many seem to be saying that they are some of the best universal-fit multi-driver IEM's in the market.  At $299 on their website, they're right at your budget and have a reputation for relative neutrality.  Worth checking out. Also if that's a little much, you could look at the 2.Ai and 3.Ai, which are less money and 2 and 3 driver configurations, respectively.  I haven't read...
Vsonic GR07's would be worth looking into.  They get quite a bit of love on this site and are supposed to punch well above their price point.  I don't own them myself, but I've owned the Vsonic GR06, which is the GR07's little brother, for several years.  The GR06's have been absolutely fantastic IEM's that I still listen to occasionally, even though I have much nice headphones now.  I imagine that the GR07's would be even better.   It might be a little close to going...
Thanks for your reply, I'll have to check it out.  Also, if the pickings under that price point are really slim, I'd be willing to look at more expensive DAPS, just means I have to save up for a bit longer
Hey Head-fi,   My beloved, 8 year old Zune 120 is wobbling on it's last legs and I don't think it's long for this world.  It's been a great companion for my portable music all these years but I think the time to look elsewhere is coming.     I'm looking for a new DAP to replace it, and would greatly prefer not to get an iPod, since I am not an Apple fan.  My music collection is mostly either MP3 320 or FLAC, so large storage size would be nice, and playlist support is...
I've never listened to the bifrost/valhalla, but I have the Beyer 770 250 ohm that I listen to through a Fiio E10 and Little Dot mkII.  It sounds awesome through that setup, so I imagine it wouldn't be terrible on the schiit stack.
well I went ahead an order the Mad dogs, they should arrive sometime today.  Hope they're good!
Kalyug by Ninth Moon Black is one of my favorites :)
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