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and what does this tell us about response plots? :-)   btw, I would like to take some measurements myself but I miss the necessary equipment.
there seem to be wide variations in the HP50 series: my HP50A bring the 30Hz with ease.
Hi Drakkard, the pictures in this thread are amazing! We need a new word for this, like extremodding :-)
I combine a self adhesive soft-pvc stripe (sliced over the whole lenght except the two ends) with leather and rebuild the original one like these pictures show:   the soft-pvc stripe is originally for sealing doors to the floor:
If you like to do some extra work you can make one dipol out of two tweeters: take the magnet with the holes from one and put it into the other one instead of the solid magnet. I have done it and like the result very much - but there is the compromise, that the bass is much weaker than with the original sfi dipoles. The midrange and heights are georgeous this way.
so we could possibly trade with the sony ecr 500?  
for sale or trade (micro seiki ms 2, ...or some stax?) are this extremely rare electrostatic headphones from Beyerdynamic from the period between 1976 and 1981. I restored them to the original state as close as possible. The earpads are made of fine leather and the diaphragma is original Mylar C with 4.8 micron. The coating is bought from mr. sombetzky, because I did not like the homemade recipes in comparison. The cable is new and (contrary to the originals) long...
I got no offer until today - maybe someone wants to make a christmas surprise? :-)
update to the HP-1 mods: new earpads made of fine goatskin with visco foam: made the hole smaller than the original (for comparison on the left side of the picture) and got a better seal to the ears and the sound is more involving and direct - like it very much!
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