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Im looking for an in ear headphone for the gym,i want it to be good and high quality as much as possible. my budjet is about 60$ and i like all kinds of music.
well i have big ears so i guess i wont go on the v moda m80. i actually heard that after you burn in the v moda lp there actually pretty good,and i like modern music with bass as well.
thank you, and do you know if the m80s are comfortable for a on ear?
if i use an amplifier with a v moda lp will it make it better and less bass,and if so wich amplifier to buy?
i was thinkin of getting the m100 but if it costs 300 dollars then no. the crossfades lp cost on amazon about 130 dollars so its in my budget and i was thinking of buying a diffrent headphone but because i want a stylish headphone that still sounds good i think v moda is good for me.
I want to buy a v moda headphone and i was thinking of the m80 but because i dont like on ears so much i was thinking of getting the lp,the problem is evan though i like music with a lot of bass i also like rock and softer music. so i was thinking if i get a fiio e7 and i get the crossfade lp will it be better for rock and still be good for techno and stuff?
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