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60/70's rock, 50's jazz, well I can understand. I've got some Nina Simone, Roberta Flack, and Sarah Vaughan that I wish were recorded better. 
Really?I imagined the tube would need more power than what's available from USB. Never tried it myself. Wait my unit doesn't run on USB alone. I just remembered I've go it connected but not turned on in several occasions.
How do you know if an amp is neutral? Here's a video of people saying the same cut of fruit tasted different after being suggested one is GMO and the other is organic.
Unfortunately no. Aune T1 must receive any digital signals through USB, and they are coded differently compared to toslink. I'm sure your tv has toslink (either a Coaxial or Optical audio out). There are Digital to Digital Converters (DDC) but they're usually for USB to toslink. It might be expensive to find one that converts toslink to USB.
From my understanding, if its not off the shelf available/ready component then its discrete.
1. Find a few willing volunteers2. Time so that each one enters the store at random different times3. Snicker/giggle whenever passes the unit. Make sure audible to owner/staff4. If anyone asks why giggling, say its supposed to be cheap.5. Repeat enough times6. ????7. PROFIT!!!11
So does that mean you opened the A20H unit, took out the existing board, and installed a new board?
Chord DACs with headphone outputs have at least amplifiers or pre amps in them. They are just discrete, like the DAC section.
Yes, well, the HD650 is 300 ohms. Even though they're quire sensitive in the sense of being able to be driven from portable sources like phones, mp3 players, etc, those coils do put up a lot of resistance.Whatever current is sent to the coils to move through the magnetic field, the opposite force will be almost equal to it as a result from the coils moving through the magnetic field (Newton's 3rd Law). Without a powerful or synergetic amp for it, even though the currents...
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