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I got the Lovely Cube Premium (LBP) amp used for around RM450~ or so. I don't really remember since its been about 2 years. Still going strong. The original owner had upgraded the opamp too it turns out. I've compared it with the Matrix M-Stage, the one without the DAC and smaller knob with one headphone jack, didn't bring my LBP so if there's a difference I can't notice it. Tested out the M-Stage at Stars Picker too lol.  My username there is the same like here,...
Hey man, if you want to you can come over to my place. I got the Lovely Cube paired with the Aune T1. Got it used from a local in lowyat forum classifieds. Also, there are quite a few hifi stores here but they're basically concentrated in high income areas like Kuala Lumpur, Penang, and Johor.
The Technics seem to be in good condition, no smudges or anything as far as I can see. The cartridge seems to be resting on the plinth however - is the tonearm rest missing? I do agree, get a replacement stylus for the cartridge and see how it sounds. One more thing you can check is the speed of the turntable from the strobe around the platter. If it's an old table, you might need a new belt for it too.
I can't really stand listening to records using headphones. I am a neat-ish freak so I keep my records in immaculate condition. The minor pops and ticks are quite annoying through headphones compared to speakers so they're permanently connected straight to my speakers instead of to the headphone amp. Also, I think (IMHO of course) if you've been listening to digital setup all your life and want to jump into analog setup, it would be best to try and get the best setup you...
******* **** you're rude. Tell it to my face ****face. If it's priced too high then don't buy it.
David Gilmour? Psh. Who is that even. *plays Pink Floyd*
BH Crack is a tube amp only, this is a DAC amp. And being DSD compatible, I'd say it would support 24/192 without a problem.
Thanks to everyone who posted both imperial and metric temperatures. We have no idea what 100 fahrenheit means. Here in Malaysia we're facing a heatwave, goes up to around 35°C, some places had up to 40°C. That's 104°F. There were deaths from heatstroke.
Like drugs. Keep chasing that same high again and again.
Some broadcasting/monitoring headphones are a little weird like that. The Beyerdynamic DT150 also has right side cable.
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