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I use my Z10 as my on the go music player and it sounds above average compared to other cellphones I tried with. One thing I love most about it is that it auto detects whether you're plugging in headphones or line in. I've yet to purchase Neutron music player and I'll be doing so very soon.
I've only had the VSD3S that features a detachable cable and no other earphones. Yea the description did mention that, I'm pretty excited especially with the swappable tip filters.I asked a bunch of questions through PM, I could probably tell others about it later if they're fine with it.
Didn't quote your post and it looked like I got lost from somewhere in another thread. LOL I'm so excited for the Kommand. The build description alone made my mouth water.
Tri-flange tips? :P
Oh wow I won. I'm in no way an audiophile so if you guys want an impression it's gonna be skewed enough to describe an entirely different sound signature. LOL.   Thanks a lot RockBob and RockJaw!
That's condescending man. He has a preference and you should respect that. Of course he wouldn't listen to you and got pissed, you dissed his headphones. Don't tell me you got a PortaPro and you're trying to make him listen to that.
IMHO one thing for sure - if you're coming from neutral headphones, these will sound not as bright.
You can install android apps natively with the new 10 OS updateI have no experience with android OS but I can tell u, the UI and UX for this phone is amazing. By no experience I mean never owned one. I've been testing out other people's phones and don't quite like it as much as the bb Z10
I'm using my BlackBerry Z10 as my on the go music player because the iPod sounds harsh without an amp. I suspect the amp portion for the Nano 2nd Gen is a little left behind compared to the Z10. The best thing is that the Z10 plays .flac files natively as with other various audio formats, and they're pretty good. It plays 24 bit files too, though I'm not sure if it'll downsample them to 16 bit. I found out by accident when I loaded my 24 bit 2nd Law album and Dark Side of...
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