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For the love of god, do whatever you must to prove truths on the internets!!!!!11oneone /jk
Nah, I bet he listens to Youtube rips from 240p videos.   /jk lol
Or wait until you're 18 or whatever, and just get a regular job.
Literally the first time I've seen such mechanism on an IEM. There are others probably like the Yamaha YH-5M but that's almost considered a headphone instead of an IEM. I have a feeling this would be something of a collector's item in the future.
Oh my god this is so exciting. Been busy for the past few days and got greeted with this big surprise :D   **edit Also, sorry if I sound dumb but, how do you wear it. It looks like it has two earpieces?
Even if you can print yourself a turntable, there will be a lot of elbow grease needed for the post production. 3D printers don't produce the smoothest surfaces. Might as well cut a block of wood/bambo and make yourself a turntable from it, since a turntable is a precision instrument.
As long as your car hobby is safe and does not annoy other people, then have fun with your engine.
It's fine orkboy, burn them in and compare the old and new one side by side. bring some friends for a blind testing too maybe. whatever your finding is up to you. i'm just trying to present an at-least-objective way to compare burning outcomes. 
The best way to burn them in is to play as long as you want because burn in is usually described by how many hours its been burned. I don't know whether the volume or choice of sound will affect it but I think most people agree a few notches louder than your listening volume is a good level to burn headphones in. Orkboy you have a chance to do an objective test, I hope the outcome will please you.
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