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Actually both Beats and Monster audio started to sound good after splitting up. The new Beats Solo HD lineup sounds quite decent if not for the overpriced tags.
Probably has an alo audio transportable tucked away, we dont know that.
I'm wondering how you plugged the TT straight into your computer without a phono stage. Does your TT has a built in phono stage? Potentiometer as in the volume pot?Can't agree with that since the RCA line out also has the same channel imbalance.
Yeap, for the price I'd still say the lowest end SOL Republic Tracks. Everything sounded like you're trying to listen to a music played indoors from outside.
I'm talking about the DAC section, not the amp section.
My DAC portion of the unit has channel imbalance, anyone might be able to guess what's wrong? I might be able to snap some pics later.
If you use normal instead of mint scented dental floss, the soundstage will improve.   lol.
  opinions. what we all have are opinions.
Try reading here.
I went to a friend's vinly records and turntable gallery and I feel so stressed at how the turntables are treated. None of them received proper setup and aren't calibrated well. I sold him my turntable because I trusted his experience since he's quite an old guy with kids, but then when I arrived there I was so heartbroken seeing that he pulled out the headshell with the 440MLa and plugged it to a different turntable without even realigning the cart with the turntable....
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