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I hope he's doing ok. He personally helped me restore my current turntable.
Hey anyone wondering why analogsurviver haven't been online for a while?
Oops sorry, gotta make it a habit to quote the post for a reply.Anyway, cheers!
Weeks or months back some people reported good results with the E12A, which is weird considering it was released specifically for low impedance IEMs. But if it works for you, it works. John Green eats cereal with water instead of milk because he likes it, and he's the one eating it. Same as headphones.
Oooh, headphone out to powered speakers... Double amping couldn't be good for your equipment downstream. Active speakers are supposed to be connected to either a pre out or line level, the general consensus is the extra juice from headphone out isn't good. Maybe others could chime in.
His posts are sometimes like that, so we just ignore him sometimes.
Nope, it'll sound quite pleasant. Its the 1/4" to 1/8" converter  that I would be worried about. And playing from a phone implies the user wants to use it on the go. The open nature of the headphones will make it less enjoyable and the volume level will be sacrificed too when you're outside.   I'd recommend investing in a pair of decent IEM for phone on the go usage.
If you got soldering skills, get some male and female balanced connectors and solder them yourself. That way you can still use the 1/4" jack if you wanna use with other amps.
The stock cable? Not bad at all. Pretty thick and durable, long enough to walk around while listening, no complaints at all.
You'll need to try it out yourself. If there's an audio store nearby, I'd suggest you go there with your T1 and test it out with different amps.   Everyone's ears are different, and reviews are just touching the waters at best. One reviewer said the Matrix M-Stage is warm while another says it is totally neutral. So, YMMV.
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