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I was searching the Lehmann Black Cube Linear for fun on Google and I found this link. Its a reviewer that I regularly visit, and it seems that the Linear headphone amp comes with a companion power amp for speakers called Lehmann Stamp   http://www.tnt-audio.com/ampli/stamp-linear_e.html   And the product page. https://www.lehmannaudio.com/power-amplifiers/stamp.html   So... next project maybe?
Little Bear had moved up their quality control I guess, though their products do bear resemblance to some other branded amps/preamps. The analog community is abuzz with their phono preamp that compares to higher tier ones - with only drawbacks coming from cheaper components to lower the prices. Though they do offer matched components, emi isolators, upgraded circuits, and better toroids at higher prices to those who chooses to. You can find the different options in...
I know pio capacitors require some breaking in, and beeswax capacitors need to warm up like a tube so the wax dielectric liquefies and suspends the terminals. But for 'lytic caps I don't think I can hear a difference even in large output caps. Those with sensitive hearing probably could.
If you can't hear what the person is listening to then it probably doesn't matter.
But of course, you'll need a good sound card in the first place. If not then you'll have low quality rips playing through your external DAC/amp, almost like having no DAC/amp at all. A good audio interface will have a set of good quality analog to digital converter, just look for one that has stereo input. Most has mono input designed for mics, keyboards, guitars, etc.
I got a silver plated cable, but I hear no improvements. The cable is shorter and looks better though so that's good
For me, I visit a different turntable forum for analog info and questions. Not sure about Head-Fi's policy with linking other forums in here so I won't link it. But its VinylEngine. Bonus marks for super friendly+welcoming community.
So the speakers sound the same or maybe better compared to other big brand speakera with external DACs and powerful amps?
Thinking about upgrading my DAC to the Matrix Mini-I, but worried about the LBCL. Seeing your comment assured me I have adequate amplification.
I wish the Aurender Flor has more input and output choices. The 1/4" jack needs RCA adapters for line out to a different amp and you can only plug it into a USB port. Props for the internal storage though.
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