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Give him a break, he posted like twice.
Different horses for different courses.   Very best.
Are you trying to connect the analog output of your GO2A into the digital input of your Sony Net Stereo System?
My web filter was triggered because of the .exe file. Maybe you can put it in a .zip file for those who are affected. Also, while you're here, my Mini-I has a semi defective display. The intensity of the display is not uniform as some patches of lights are dimmer while some are brighter. Do you do repairs and any idea why its happening? It works fine though.
Gold plating is good for exposed contact points like the jacks and plugs. They don't tarnish like copper or rust like metal, so for longevity gold plated cables is a good choice. Gold also provides better conductivity but at that thickness and contact area, I doubt any changes can be discerned. Some jacks use nickel plating instead of gold, I cannot differentiate between them. I believe there is not audible difference. My personal preference for RCA switches over 3.5mm is...
They look ok but I'm worried about the mini jack connections. Cheap mini audio jacks sometimes have bad connection with your mini plug and that could be a problem in the future. I'd suggest getting RCA switches instead of 3.5mm switches. But I won't be worried about any sound loss due to the switcher itself, internals are too short to affect it.Of course some people believe in cryo dipped pure silver litz fairy dust interconnects, they might steer clear of these...
Use an RCA to 3.5mm cable, or cables.Yes I understand what you're trying to achieve. If you're referring to the Schiit Sys, you can plug them in backwards with one input and 2 outputs.Is there any impediments? Are you trying to fit a certain budget? You seem to be rejecting solutions, I cannot help more without understanding your situation.
The KEF X300A is on sale for $629.99 for the white model and $899.99 for the black model in Amazon.That's well within your budget.
If you don't mind having non-audiophile approved gear, just go to an electronics store or section where they sell the cables and power extension gangs and etc. Usually they will have one of those composite switchers for dirt cheap. Back then when consoles were played on CRT televisions, every house with a console have one of these switches. Or if you go to the fleabay route with extra cash, look up "passive pre". They will usually have audio switches but with an addition...
I've been reading through the thread and found several comments on how balanced in sounds better than RCA in, however are there any official statements by Lake People regarding balanced in? I'm interested because it doesn't have balanced out for headphones.
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