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And that's your opinion.
Ah the holy grail Siemens E88CC, planned to get that one but I changed my mind and now currently saving for a beefier DAC with balanced out and multiple ins.Do you use a different amp for it? Don't need to sell your old gears, keep them and you have multiple for work, bedside, living room, etc.
I think it would be better to invest in a better DAC than getting an OPA for the T1.   But then again, if you upgrade you can just swap the OPA in the new DAC with the upgraded one you have.   **edit: I'm not too good with op amps, but isn't the OPA2134 the op amp people upgrade to from their current op amps? I know a modder that swaps out the stock PSX OPA with the OPA2134 and new power supply for it. So I guess its already pretty good.
Well, it seems that turntables with internal power supplies are a no-go then :(
So is the Phoenix Engineering speedbox compatible with all/most AC motor turntables? I never knew such a thing exists. How does it work, does it get feedback from the motor or the electronics in the turntable?   Asking because my turntable speed fluctuates. Its really old, and the electronics might have gone bad. The turntable is a Telefunken S500.
I'm using the T1 MK2 as a DAC and my headphone amp is a Lehmann Black Cube Linear clone. The amp offers a better bass extension and less piercing treble. Compared to the stock amp, the stock amp is a little thin and flat. I like the amp as it offers a pre out for my active speakers.   Other than that, there's not much difference. I do think it is a matter of preference in my case. My headphones are demanding though, when I plugged my Sennheiser HD525 into Stoner Acoustic...
I got myself a Lehmann Black Cuber Linear clone headphone amp with a pre-out. Two advantages from this; better headphone stage, and volume control for my powered speakers.
No you can't. The volume knob only controls the headphone out. The RCA line out has a fixed volume.
If you want the most bang for buck, I'd recommend him to get a pair of active speakers or studio monitors with 2 inputs. That way he can skip buying an amp and hook it directly to a DAC and a phono preamp for the turntable.Cheap turntables - I wouldn't recommend. Those who know me must've known by now how I abhor budget turntables due to my bad experience with the Rega RP1. I'm also sure a lot of people will suggest getting a used vintage turntable that's in a good working...
I'm pretty much a nobody and living all the way here in South East Asia, is there a chance however slight it may be that I could get one of those as a loaner for a few weeks?
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