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A friend of mine posted in a local forum,  
Oh! Sorry about that. I had a mixup.    Thank you both for the lengthy explanations. I'll do some more homework on it. Overall, I'm not entirely too concerned about the woofer excursion, but the rumble effect can be heard from my headphones since they have a wider frequency range. It IS noticeable, but not up to the point that it distracts my listening. Unless I turn up the volume very high, it is only barely audible. I've also noticed the woofer excursion differs between...
You mentioned about subsonic filtering, I do notice my woofers move a lot just how you and a lot of others described. Do you have that filter? How much improvement did you notice?
True. But the holographic system I tried was inside a store, where they display their products by the walls and some furniture. It wasn't or doesn't look like a dedicated listening room with sound treatments.It's more or less like a normal audio shop, but the sound was amazing.
I wish I've heard more decent set ups. Most of the time I go to speaker stores, they just sound loud. Don't get me wrong, they sound really good, but just not that holographic.
Ah ok! I have to admit I'm not familiar with B&O and their replacement parts.
B&O made great turntables and they're beautiful too like Braun products back in the days. Too bad the they run on proprietary components and if the cart/stylus sold out then you can't do much.
I like speakers too, there was this one time I experienced a holographic audio imaging from a setup. The singer was floating in front of me between the two speakers and the weight of her voice was just so real, she was actually singing in front of me and I just can't even-
The Ember has a pre-out, when you use it as pre-out it will be just a tube buffer stage. It bypasses any headphone amplifier stage when used that way.   When the Ember is used as a pre-out with the Jotunheim, it uses the headphone amplifier stage inside the Jot.   There will be no added distortion from the tube stage, because the tube stage is supposed to be the stage before the headphone amp section in the Polaris. If there are distortions then it will show in the...
Yes, you only need basic soldering experience and a way to check continuity. The cables have individual wires for + and - all the way down to the audio jack so you only need to cut it off and solder on a male 4 pin XLR, or dual 3 pin XLR for some amps.
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