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Count me in! Headphones: Ultrasone Pro 900 Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80ohm   Amp/DAC Schiit Modi Schiit Magni Fiio E11
holy hell the sub came in early and it sounds epic, THING IS HUGE
  Speakers/AMP are here and sound great! Subwoofer will be here Monday, i'll write back then!
  How does the DACmini do with bass in comparison to the burson 160Ds or the Schii Bifrost/Lyr in your opinion? I like bassier music in general so tend to prefer that as punchy and strong.
  Looks like I found my system, Thanks!
With the Lepai amp how do you wire in the sub?
Hello All,   I'm going to pick up a 2.1 sound system. My budget is $100, $150 max, I would like a subwoofer but if the speakers are good enough I'm not too picky.   Below are the two I'm currently looking at   Audyssey -   Klipsch...
Hello All,   I'm planning on picking up an LCD-2 soon but was wondering what would a good AMP/DAC Combo be for it <$1000.  I currently have the Schiit Magni/Modi but heard that may not be enough to power it. Would Bifrost/Asgard, Valhalla or Lyr be a good match? Or would you reccommend something else in this price range?
I've been reading every post here about it and these two seem to be head to head in many different ways with many different ears.   Does anyone know a way of picking up both or a way I could get them to try out and then make a decision? It seem that's the only way this can be solved from reading and reading and reading.   I listen to Dub, House, Rock, Indie, etc.   I have bass head headphones (Ultrasone Pro 900s) and starter hifi (Beyerdynamic...
  Would you say the HE-500 and LCD-2 are different enough to warrant having both?
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