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Any reviews on the SQ vs something like the Chord Mojo or Onkyo DP-X1?
Probably gonna stick my audio setup here for quite awhile :)    Wyrd -> bifrost 4490 -> Jotunheim  
 Yup! Nailed it :) 
 So for reference I downgraded from a Gumby to the Bifrost 4490 and I'm perfectly happy, but the loss in quality I heard from bifrost to jot dac was enough for me to keep the bifrost, so I'm also a believer in this after a point, each persons ears/point can be different.
haha if I ever get an RSA to XLR adapter I will!
Wonderful! If I had any nitpick at all the highs can seem a bit dampened at times but overall very good.
Very happy with my setup now :)    PC -> Wyrd -> Bifrost 4490 -> Jotunheim -> Lime Ears Aether  
 I mean I'm a believer in it's usually super small differences, but there's a lot of factors that could result in different sounds than the chips. I mean it may even be the fact that the Jotunheim one is technically better but I like the Bifrost sound better. Both 4490 chips will sound the same but there's a lot more in DACs plus the way that they connect to the amp that make it sound different but not always better/worse. That being said I'm happy to get a friend to help...
Selling three adapters, each one for $30 + pp/shipping (about $38) They were each $98 new.   1) RSA to 3.5mm TRRS Double Helix Adapter (Black one in picture) 2) A second RSA to 3.5mm TRRS Double Helix Adapter (Black one in picture) 3) RSA to 2.5mm TRRS Double Helix Adapter (White one in picture)
Just SE
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