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bclark8923 San Francisco, California http://www.head-fi.org/t/771289/the-closed-wars-mrspeakers-ether-c-vs-audeze-lcd-xc-vs-fostex-th900-vs-mrspeakers-alpha-prime-vs-fostex-th-x00-comparison
Is there a plan for a Cayin i6 or something? Balanced and N6 SQ :)  @Andykong 
How do you all think this amp will fare for IEMs?
Updated my impressions of the Galaxy :) 
 Btw if you're doing a tour in USA at some point I'd love to get on that!
 I personally liked the DP-X1 the best, although I'm waiting until fall to make my final decision I want to try the Cayin i5 when it comes out. I'm also getting another Fiio X7 to try it again.
Interesting thing about the galaxy is the universals fit me near perfectly while i had a ton of issues w/ the solar univerals, probably the smaller profile of the galaxy
It seemed less detailed/clear to me but I'm getting another one to review again and see, mine may have had a flaw as it was an early version of the x7
 Galaxy fit is much better than solar universals, using the Spiral Dots size Medium and they work perfectly for me. If i end up liking these the best i'll sell the Aether and get the Galaxy custom but I want to hear the Empire Ears line first
 Super happy with them so far, posted initial impressions on first post, going to keep updating as I go!
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