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 Ah so I have a Mac, do you know of a good Parametric EQ systemwide for that?
 Thanks for the rec! I have actually done that for some of my sources, I listen to a lot of Tidal and that's on their to add list but not out yet. The EQ works a better but the sub-bass is still not as present as I'd like
Hey All, I currently have a HiFiMAN HE560 running through a Lyr 1 and Gungnir Multibit. I have the Cavalli liquid carbon on the way as well.   I LOVE this headphone but the only problem is the bass can be a bit lacking. I loved the TH900 but found the V to be a bit too recessed mids and the highs a bit much but loved the bass.   Does anyone have a recommendation for headphones under $1500 that have a similar sound to the HE560 but with more bass?   Thanks!
@TubemanRQ Can we see a picture of this listening room? haha
Hey All,   I wanted to compile a list of currently available (or coming soon) balanced/fully balanced amplifiers under $1000 USD, both to help me figure out what I want to purchase as well as help anyone else out!    Please comment below with other amps you know of as well as impressions   Fully Balanced: Schiit Mjolnir 2 Little Dot Mk VI+ Vioelectric HPA V181 Matrix Quattro Cavalli Liquid Carbon (Coming Soon)   Balanced: Emotiva Stealth DC-1
 12 hour warm up every time you wanna listen would be a pain ;) Also you'll save about $5/mo tops by turning it off when not using, so depends on whether you're willing to spend that or not!
 4.5 hour warm up haha set it up during lunch time and then gave it a listen when I got home from work :) Looking forward to letting it warm up more and and give a fresh listen tomorrow as I'm out for the night soon
The Gungnir Multibit is mind blowingly good. The separation between the sounds is amazing and the holographic 3d sound is just something I've never heard this good before. Listening on my HE-560 the other part that makes me super happy is the sub-bass has a nice amount more of rumble and everything is a bit clearer than before.   Now waiting on my Liquid Carbon to show up :)   If anyone has specific things they want to know about the sound shoot me a note!  
Selling off my Ultrasone Pro 900s as I've switched to using custom IEMs for noise isolation/near other people. Wonderful headphone and going to miss it!   It's a bit scratched on the sides from use but it's sounds great.   Comes with 3.5mm, 6.5mm cable and carrying case   Includes shipping and paypal fees
Just ordered Gungnir Multibit and Ether C to go with my Liquid Carbon on the way. Time to eat ramen the rest of the year
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