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 You got a favorite of all those?
 I've heard all of those!  http://www.head-fi.org/t/771289/the-closed-wars-mrspeakers-ether-c-vs-audeze-lcd-xc-vs-fostex-th900-vs-mrspeakers-alpha-prime-vs-fostex-th-x00-comparison/30 You won't get the soundstage but closest to Ether-C is the Aether, there's a little bit more bass in the Aether than the Ether-C but both have a nice neutral, balanced tone. Rhapsodio galaxy's tone is slightly more alpha prime to it but closer to Ether-C. That being said you won't get that...
Added my Aether first impressions to the first post!
 How do you like it vs the EE Zeus and CA 8.2? Those two (although Zeus R) are the only one's I haven't heard for IEMs that I'm curious about! It's between getting one of those two, and a close tie between the Galaxy and Aether!
 I feel like the Aether is the most balanced IEM i've heard so far but the Galaxy was more detailed. The Galaxy had a bit more bass too, but I may need to get a refit for my Aether's and report back
Just got my Aether and loving them :) of the IEMs i've heard these and the Rhapsodio Galaxy are my favorites
Selling my Rhapsodio Clipper for $40 including shipping/paypal to the US 48, if elsewhere add shipping.   Works great but just wanted to try them out as i have nicer IEMs
My Aether is supposed to arrive later this week :) 
bclark8923 San Francisco, California http://www.head-fi.org/t/771289/the-closed-wars-mrspeakers-ether-c-vs-audeze-lcd-xc-vs-fostex-th900-vs-mrspeakers-alpha-prime-vs-fostex-th-x00-comparison
Is there a plan for a Cayin i6 or something? Balanced and N6 SQ :)  @Andykong 
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