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Priced shipped and pp fee included to US 48. Taking offers as well
Still available?
Are these still available?
Any reviews on the SQ vs something like the Chord Mojo or Onkyo DP-X1?
Probably gonna stick my audio setup here for quite awhile :)    Wyrd -> bifrost 4490 -> Jotunheim  
 Yup! Nailed it :) 
 So for reference I downgraded from a Gumby to the Bifrost 4490 and I'm perfectly happy, but the loss in quality I heard from bifrost to jot dac was enough for me to keep the bifrost, so I'm also a believer in this after a point, each persons ears/point can be different.
haha if I ever get an RSA to XLR adapter I will!
Wonderful! If I had any nitpick at all the highs can seem a bit dampened at times but overall very good.
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