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Just plugged my Solars into my O2 amp and Bifrost 4490 and that's by far the best they've sounded so far :) Going to try K10s through that setup as well.
 Ah awesome! I'm looking to either settle with Chord Mojo, iFi micro iDSD, Geek Out V2+ (if it ever shows up) or Fiio X7. Looking for something I can use as a DAC/Amp with my laptop and a DAP (with Tidal) as well would be nice, the Onkyo was too thin sounding for me and lacked bass extension so listed that for sale. Fiio X7 gets here tomorrow with the AM2 module
 What do you use for portable DAC/Amp? Edit: NVM saw Mojo above haha
My K10s are custom haha, I've heard they're a bit darker than the universals.Honestly my best tips are some super cheap silicone ones from Amazon not even sure what brand but they're the right size
 I in fact just got more new tips and the sub bass improved more on the Solars and loving it
 Solars, They're closer to the HiFiMAN house sound that I prefer than the K10 which is similar to the Audeze house sound. Ordering Lime Ears Aether customs next to try and then keeping one. K10s are up for sale now, great IEM but not my cup of tea
 I didn't say it makes the Mojo better than the Onkyo or vice versa, I said my K10s sounded their best on the DP-X1 and the Solars sounded their best on the Mojo for my liking.
Updated, added some more detail and source pairings! Going to add the Fiio X7 when it shows up this weekend as pairing as well, if my GOV2+ was here I'd add that too, also going to try DP-X1 when my RSA to 2.5mm adapter shows up
 Pairing seemed to matter for me, my K10s sounded better on the DP-X1, but my Solars sounded better on the Mojo, go figure
 IMO Mojo also has better bass quality extension when A/Bing with a few tracks against the DP-X1
New Posts  All Forums: