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 Awesome thanks! I think I'm just going to use Cable Company loaner and order Alpha Prime and try them all for myself and see what I like :)
I was also looking at the Audeze LCD-XC and Ultrasone Signature Pro, what do you all think of those in comparison to the others in the list?
Hey All!   I'm in the hunt for new headphones and narrowed it down to   Fostex TH900 MrSpeakers Alpha Prime MrSpeakers Alpha Dog Denon D2000   Added to options: Audeze LCD-XC Ultrasone Signature Pro   I generally listen to Trap/Trip Hop (Emancipator, TNGHT, etc.) Rap/Hip-Hop, and a bit of Rock/Indie (Radiohead, Crystal Castles, etc.)   I have a Schiit Magni/Modi.   What would you all recommend? I tend to like a noticeable bass but good balance still and...
  I'd be open to considering some! Recommendations?
Looking for a great pair of closed (or noise canceling) headphones.   I enjoy noise canceling but the latest Bose QC 25 are poorly built (had 3 fail on me over a few months). I previously had Ultrasone Pro 900 and really enjoyed them, they were closed back did a good job at blocking outside noise, but they were unfortunately broken pretty bad. Instead of just replacing them I decided to come here and look for advice on other headphones that may be able to help!   I...
Count me in! Headphones: Ultrasone Pro 900 Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80ohm   Amp/DAC Schiit Modi Schiit Magni Fiio E11
holy hell the sub came in early and it sounds epic, THING IS HUGE
  Speakers/AMP are here and sound great! Subwoofer will be here Monday, i'll write back then!
  How does the DACmini do with bass in comparison to the burson 160Ds or the Schii Bifrost/Lyr in your opinion? I like bassier music in general so tend to prefer that as punchy and strong.
  Looks like I found my system, Thanks!
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