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Unfortunately Swan isn't available in the Netherlands. During an other search I found the Adam A3X where everybody seems to rave about. Do you think this is a good option in combination with my Xonar at €400 for a set? Are there any better active speakers in this price ranges?
What do you guys think of the Jamo P 404?
Thanks for the helpful response. Is a self-powered speaker the same as an active speaker?
Thanks for your reply! What 2.0 set can you recommend?   I'm living in the Netherlands so unfortunately I can't use Craigslist. When I connect that future receiver to my Xonar DX, does the sound card offer a benefit over the on-board sound card? My On-board soundcard offers the following:   VIA VT1818 8-Channel High Definition Audio CODEC  - Supports : Jack-detection, Multi-streaming, Front Panel Jack-retasking Audio Feature : - Absolute Pitch 192kHz/ 24-bit...
Hi guys,   Beside a couple of days of intensive reading I'm relatively new in the world of more advanced audio experience. A couple of years ago I started out with a low-tech Logitech Z-4 (2.1) connected to my MoBo. At the moment I'm not happy with the sound quality it produces. The mid-tones and high-tones are bad and there is nothing such as clarity. Just today I have ordered the Asus Xonar DX as the first attempt to improve my audio experience (which I will...
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