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I've been able to check out a load of Beats by Dre headphones when me and my friends had some fun in a local electronica store just checking out the big 3D TVs and such. They had a headphone section with a surprisingly half-decent selection of headphones.  But to my surprise, I don't know what it was but they somehow managed to make every single pair of headphones there sound rubbish. And I took a quick sneakpeak about the place and found that they had like batches of...
My HD 600 server me just fine with any genre. And I think that headphone is consider pretty flat. However, I can live with my M50s just fine too. They have that V-shape, but "flat" vs "fun" really depends on what you want to hear.  Aside from listening to music, I use my HD 600 for producing / mixing, (because I can't really get monitors till I move out) and that's something you should never do on "fun" headphones unless you've used them for 5+ years and have plenty...
These look beastly, I would buy them if I had money to spare and needed more headphones :P Maybe in the future.
I own a pair of M50s that I use every day, but when I look at the way they are described by some people I would consider them way overrated. They sound very good if you ask me, but they're uncomfortable and don't outperform any headphones twice the price. It's absurd to suggest that.
Well, it went kinda like this: "Me sees headphones Me is like *are those beyers? Dun' look like 770s, let's see* *Ooh, 990s even* Person walks away End of excitement"
Dunno if this really counts, but my dad has had an original DT770 for 20-ish years now. I can post pics if you want but it's pretty straight forward :P
Saw a PX200 and a Beyer DT990 Pro today!
Never heard any Fischer Audio 'phones before, but it does look pretty!
I can vouch for the HD 600, but since it's the only headphone I own in that price range I can't give much comparision. I think my HD 600 sounds absolutely amazing and I would strongly recommend it. Mighty comfy too.
I know that! 'Twas a joke
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