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Yes I have. Just the sound card that came with my computer.
Multiple channel, I believe. I can listen to all speakers at once with that right?
I recently bought the HS50m's, very satisfied. But I was wondering what I would use if I wanted to add two more monitors to my setup and a subwoofer. Right now I have a generic 2.1 system plugged into the black "subwoofer" output on my sound card and the HS50m's plugged into the green output. I'm pretty sure I would use an interface. Will you briefly explain what one is and how to use it? And possibly recommend one?
i think i'm going to go with the yamaha HS50m's they have them for a really good deal on newegg.
Is the USB optional? And can I also have the sub hooked up to my audio card at the same time?
I was decided on getting the M-Audio BX8a deluxe used off Amazon, but further research revealed that a lot of people had issues with them quitting after a few months and since they were used I assumed it was only a matter of time before they quit on me. So, my question is what, in your opinion, is the best active monitors for around $200?
Ok, thank you.
I'm a 17 year old who wants some good sounding speakers for listening to music. I can't bring myself to spend $400 on speakers....yet. I was considering the M-Audio BX5a Deluxe. But, upon my surfing the web, I found these:   What are your guys' opinion on used speakers from Amazon? Or used speakers in general.
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