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I'm not 100%, but I think... that those might be the ones! Thanks!
It was mentioned in a thread here months ago, but I can't find it. I'm looking for a pair of earbuds that are really really really cheap but hold up well against many ~$100 earbuds. When I say cheap I mean like sub $10. The thread's author mentioned buying a pairs for gifts if I remember rights. And the brand was some ultrageneric brand I've never heard of. I've searched and searched but can't find the thread.   Thanks!
This HiFiMAN EF2A still works great. Probably over 100 hours burned in. I had planned on maybe upgrading the tubes, but instead I put more money into my portable setup and now just use my portable amp and DAC with my PC as well. I don't have the original packaging but will ship it safely. 
over 20k but it's a mess in my music folder so I bet a lot of those are dupes. Made some serious progress cleaning it up this month but still have more work to do.
Really digging the Hotline Miami soundtrack
I had the original bose 3-2-1 system. It was pretty nice, and sounded great but the audio was on a delay unless you fed the video through the receiver and this was pre-HDMI days. Anywho the subwoofer finally blew. I got my use out of it, but what I'd like to do is convert the 2 speakers it came with to ones that can work with a regular receiver. My roomate just got 2 ginormous speakers for the living room and if I can re-adapt these bose speakers to work with regular...
Recently ordered a new braided interconnect from double helix, I'll post some pics when it comes in. I can't wait though, I'm suffering with a best buy interconnect that makes a poor connection right now :P
Are there any non-android media players that provide USB audio out? Not including iphones with a LOD that is.
I recently discovered HDTracks and picked up Muswell Hillbillies by the kinks there. Sounds better that I've ever heard before! is doing 20% all orders on Friday. I recently got some custom IEM cables from them and love 'em.
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