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i ended up connecting to my receiver via USB using my Traktor external soundcard.. surely this is better than just the Y-adapter?
i bought the Traktor Audio 10 sound card for DJing and i only recently thought of using it in my playback set up. i use an RCA-only 1980s receiver and i am outputting FLAC files from MediaMonkey using the ASIO out plugin and i'm guessing Traktor is able to act as:   - my external sound card - USB DAC - headphone amp   is all this true? and would this be a decent set up in your opinion, or at least an improvement over using a Y-adapter stereo mini - RCA cable...
hello, head-fi community. i am new here, and new audiophilia in general. it's all so confusing and overwhelming to me. right now i'm using a Y-adapter RCA cable from my computer's line out to my analogue-only 1980s receiver. i think my sound card is called 'High Definition Audio Device.' i play FLAC files using Media Monkey.    my first question is, would you be able to help me achieve higher sound quality and fidelity? my computer has S/PDIF ports out (both optical...
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