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Hi all,   I have a Macbook Air with a measly 2 USB ports. I have a D1 DAC, and I am wondering if I can run this through a USB hub connected to my computer, or will this "extra link" hurt the quality of sound the DAC will be outputting?   Thanks!
Got the buzzing problem solved. Turns out if the speakers use a 2-prong plug (which A2s do) and you have the computer plugged in with a 3-prong charger, there is a grounding issue. I used the Mac's 2 prong plug, and the buzzing instantly went away. Great success! 
Would it be worth trying to order another one? I didn't have time to tell if it made a big difference in sound, and the reviews are mixed on here. 
I just returned it outright because it was the only unit the store had. I am wondering if it has something to do with the Macbook Air's USB ports? But then I would assume it would also be giving me feedback using the D1's 3.5mm jack as well, which it was not.    Is the D1 good enough to really make a difference in the quality of music coming out of the A2's (everything is FLAC)? I hate to spend that much money if the improvement is only marginal, and unfortunately I...
Hi all,    I recently purchased a pair of A2s with the silicone stands. Love the speakers, but I am not a big fan of their sound driven from the 3.5mm jack on my Macbook Air. I bought an Audioengine D1 and thought I could hear a noticeable increase in sound quality (all music FLAC), but am I imagining this? I have read mixed things on this site about whether the A2s actually benefit from a DAC.    Anyway, if I use the RCA outs on the D1, the instant I connect the...
Does the consensus seem to be that a d1 with the A2 speakers is not going to make a big difference?   90% of my music on my macbook is ripped in FLAC and I play through Fidelia (which upsamples if I want). I just bought a pair of A2s, and can get a great deal on a D1. I have been running the A2s directly from the 3.5 jack on my Mac, but I don't want to spend money on a DAC if it isn't going to make a pretty perceptible difference in the sound. Any thoughts?
I wanted to purchase some replacement pads for my MDR 7506s because while they are my favorite headphone, I rarely wear them anymore because of how uncomfortable they are. After about 20 minutes my ears get really hot and feel like they are sweating. Not very enjoyable. I wanted to get plush Beyerdynamics replacement pads, but NO ONE had them in stock online. I asked around in these forums and someone suggested I try the Pearstone replacements as they were supposed to be...
  You generally don't want something bass heavy for monitoring. DT770s are technically "studio" headphones, but a lot of pros aren't going to use them because they have a lot of bass but are lacking in the mids. KRKs aren't going to have thumping bass, but they are going to be the best for actual monitoring. Comfort may be a bit of an issue. I feel like they are akin to the Sony MDR series. Not very comfortable, but they are not meant to be. They are workhorses.    One...
  Are you talking about the AE2s or speakers?   EQing is fine until you get up into higher end equipment. At that point the EQ settings from an iPhone or whatever can really screw up the way the music is supposed to sound. 
  I guess whatever is more comfortable. I had a cheap pair of buds that just had the little ear clip things for the gym, and they worked fine. I've never used a neckband personally, but I see a lot of people at the gym who do.
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