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Has anyone compared or also owned the Naim DAC-V1?  Doesn't have the latest and greatest DSD stuff but they are known for making very good sounding stuff.
I am the original owner.  Purchased from Planet of Sound Distribution on 1/14/2013.  It is in mint condition.  Absolutely nothing wrong with it.  Includes the original power adapter, remote control and the box.   $600 + shipping UPS insured anywhere in the U.S.  I take Paypal.  
I am the original owner.  Purchased 12/20/13 from Woo Audio.  The amp is in mint condition.  Absolutely nothing wrong with it.  I also have the original shipping box.  No power cord or other cables included.     Originally came with these tubes:   2 x 6AS7/6080 2 x 6DJ8 Sylvania 2 x 6CA4 Electro Harmonix   I am also including:   2 x Amperex 7308 (Purchased from Upscale Audio - $160) 2 x Brimar EZ80 (Purchased from forum member - $49)   $1100 + shipping UPS...
Thanks.  I just received some from a forum member.  Great tubes no doubt!
Thanks. Do you happen to know a reliable source for the Brimars?
Thinking about getting the Philips Miniwatt 6CA4/EZ81.  Good?
What is the consensus on the best rectifier tubes for this amp?
Thanks Don.  Yea, a proper vibe is essential to enjoying some good tunes.
 Thanks.  They are excellent considering the price. Pretty crazy to see all the positive press in the link above.  I just had to try them...
Nice. Which W4S DAC is that and how do you like it?
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