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No issues with volume on mine either.  
He is also asking about using the HA-1 with speakers. The HA-1 does not kill the Oppo 105 in any way when using it in a speaker system setup.  
 I have only thus far used the HA-1 with my Kef LS50 speakers.  I have used the Oppo 105 in my living room system for a few years.  I feel that they have the same sonic signature but there is a touch more detail with the HA-1.  
In regards to balanced connections, it just makes sense to use, since the HA-1 is a fully balanced design.    Can't comment on headphone sound but I am using XLR outs to my amp and there is absolutely zero noise even if I put my ear right up to the speaker.  
I agree.  I have the 105 in my living room setup and find that the HA-1 has slightly better sound.  Seems like there is a touch more detail in the music with the HA-1.  
 Thanks.  Oppo PM-1 with balanced cabling or the Audeze LCD-X. 
 Thanks.  Parasound A23. 
Thanks. Just need a good set of cans and I'll be set for a while.  
Thanks guys.   Here is a wider angle of the room if anyone cares.       As far as a direct comparison to the M-DAC, didn't have a chance to do that.  I owned the M-DAC for two years.  I can tell you that the HA-1 sounds more natural to me, more like real music.  I think that is one of the biggest compliments you can pay to a piece of gear.  
Got my HA-1 setup.  No headphones yet.  Just using it with my Parasound A23 amp and Kef LS50 speakers on my desktop.  Using AudioQuest Carbon USB cable and AudioQuest King Cobra XLRs.   Very impressed so far!  Absolutely zero noise, just beautiful music.  I previously had an M-DAC and this is another level.  Crystal clear sound, cohesive, and to my ears very musical.   Thanks Oppo.  What a bargain this thing is.    
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