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New DAC and speakers.
Focal Solo6.
Just got this DAC in and it is a very good unit.  Running it straight to my powered monitors with very good results.  Running it nonstop for a few days and will be able to comment further but so far so good.  
I ended up returning it.  It had terrible popping noise on turn on and off through my speakers.  Also when switching from headphone out to line out. Mytek support told me it was normal.  lol...for $ thanks.  Kind of turned me off on the whole company.   Also the noise floor was raised.  I could hear a slight hiss through my speakers with nothing playing whereas the HA-1 was completely silent.  The display screen is also not one piece.  It is actually two little... you go...  
Brooklyn is in the house.  
I will be receiving my Brooklyn tomorrow and should be able to provide some feedback against my outgoing Oppo HA-1.   The Brooklyn finally got the MQA firmware update the other day so looking forward to playing with that.     I am surprised that there isn't a larger thread here on this DAC.
Thanks. They are excellent near field speakers.
Headphone less for the time being but a new sub is in.    
New sub.  I have bass.     
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