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Since they changed the drivers into single-ended magnets, wouldn't this reduce leakage? Does anyone have the chance to compare?
What is your best recorded material? Here's what I have come up with so far, best in my collection -Wintersun, Time I   -Feared, Vinter   -Deicide, In the Minds of Evil -Devin Townsend Project, ADDICTED! -Jeff Loomis, Zero Order Phase
My take on these cans.. I've had the HE-400s for about year, and am now running them through a V-Dac II into a Burson soloist. Argon 5057 Cables between the amp and dac.  For modifications, I swapped pleathers for velours and removed the mesh that was glued onto the grills, no problems caused from that so far so thumbs up. It would probably be a safer bet to keep the hifimans under cover once in a while so they don't collect too much dust....
Joined the velour team 30mins ago!  HE-400's black velour pads are beautiful! Softer and cooler but they don't sit on my ears aswell as the leather pads did. Will have to see how I adapt to them over time. Sonic changes: Have noticed the said increase in brightness! Removes some of the dark nature of the he-400s which is nice...Also hearing a little more bass, probably because of the larger distance between the drivers and my ears.Really enjoying it,ill swap back after...
Got my HE-400s 2 months back, loving them! Buying the velours next week to check out what the excitement is about..  On another note, what are your methods of attaching the cable interconnects to the headphone? :D I always twist them in the other direction and then connect them, so once they complete their twisting they're straight without any extra twists.
Tried the HD 700s at a local hi-fi shop today through a Music Fidelity M1DAC, M1Headphone Amp and a yamaha CD player. Pure Magic! Most comfortable headphones I've tried so far.
How do you like the he-400 + Woo Audio WA2 ? Thinking about buying this for my hifimans next year  Did you choose it over the WA6-SE? I've heard that OTL doesn't quite synergize with planars
How are the sound differences between using DIR9001 Coax. vs. using USB?  
Ahaa, good to know. Thanks for the reply! Might look into the 2.32 then since I have the extra cash..   Does the DIR9001 apply to the USB aswell?  
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