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IMO the HE-560s are perfect metal/rock headphones. I don't use any EQ, and most of my music is lossless or 320kbps. Haven't really come by an metal/rock album that I can't listen to because of its recording quality. Very little fatigue/sibilance, super tight, great guitar distortion reproduction and fairly intimate soundstage. Keeping setup in mind ofcourse (I myself have a fairly neutral one). I love my metal noise and compression anyways /,,/,
Bought a used soloist (2 days used), and after a while, the pin-connectors which were already a bit loose (which apparently happened during shipping from Australia) got even more loose. They got someone to try to fix it locally, got it back and after a few days, same problem came up. Returned it again and received a new unit. Has been working ever since.
 I had the exact same problem, had to send it back a few times.After much wallet hurt, finished my setup today:Will be interesting to see how the HE-560s stand up against competition in the long term 
I've mentioned this a few times in the thread, I have the full-sized Soloist (basically the same as the SL), I think it fits perfectly since both are quite neutral.
 I have the full-sized Soloist and I think it pairs quite well with the HE-560s.The SL is probably enough for these headphones
Originally Posted by petezjunior  Looking at amps in general. Budget is 1000 but if I can spend less I'd be a happy man. Besides woo audio, schiit, audio gd, little dot, violectric, you guys have suggestions on other companies? Also anyone use the Beyer a 20 on the he560? Something with a good bass would be preferable. Looking at the violectric v200 but if I can spend less I'd be happy. Thanks -IMO, Burson's soloist suits quite well with my HE-560s
Just got some new info, true or not? channel imbalances can apparently be caused by some microscopic dust on the drivers, which comes from the factory conditions in China. I was told that this issue can be solved by playing loud music through them for a few minutes. I burned them in a bit and now it feels more balanced, things moved a bit to the right (or maybe i'm just kidding myself and this is some super placebo in effect). Such a fun hobby... learning things everyday...
I'm noticing the imbalance around 1K onwards of about 1-2db. *Sighs* Thanks for the help!
I was thinking the same thing...
After moving onto these headphones, has anyone felt like the imaging is slightly more left than usual, e.g. vocals a bit off centre? I feel like mine pair has a very small channel imbalance, with the left channel having more volume than the right. Tested this with the mono-method, and I get the feeling that its off. Also tried the screw tightening method behind the pads but it still feels weird. The pads also feel sealed properly. Maybe my brain hasn't adjusted yet...
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