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stupid question but are these particularly hard to get in the US? I want to buy the Im03 domestically to warranty it with AT US but the options are almost all asia imports.
Hi all. Selling a barely used pair of Heir IEMs. I bought them a few months ago but never found myself using them. They have maybe 10 hours use.   Comes with all stock tips (blue, red, purple 3 of each) cleaning tool, 2x rubber bands, and the case. All clean and well taken care of.   Paypal, usps conus only. 
I suppose it depends on whats on the table?
I've found myself not needing a variety of headphones at present so I'm moving most of my gear to fuel other hobbies. All items will come with their full accessories and boxes. CONUS. Prices are shipped via Priority if gifted. Otherwise add the paypal fee %. Will do locally if you are in Denver.   Thanks for looking!   1) Hifiman He-400: Comes with the original accessories, as well as velour pads. Purchased from Moon-audio  in late March, and is the most recent...
First impressions (just got em in the mail) with my MnM stack. Vocals seem greatly pronounced, as my only comparison in the price range is the M-100. Very clear, steady bass (it feels light just because I boost bass on my v-modas for NYC mobile use), separation is impressive. We'll see with burn-in but I'm already loving it. Thankfully they aren't too far removed from M-100 sound that my brain has to adjust too much. I just may have reached the climax of my audio...
To be fair its not like I'm dancing with the M&M's on my hip its just that the connection is very narrow and pulling on the cord even slightly it loses power.   Or was this in reference to broken knob guy
Also, is anyone else's power plug on the back of the Magni a little finicky? The tiniest movement and it loses power. Not sure if it's a design issue or a defect in mine?
Initial impressions of the MnM stack that just arrived today. They clear up a little congestion on the Vmoda m-100's (though it's really a non-issue as they are almost entirely for on the go use). I don't really listen to music through my Sennheiser HD 558's (a select few genres work nice though) and in all likelihood they will continue their function for gaming/skype/movie use.    Now the real test is the Hifiman he-400's that are taking an eternity to arrive. 
Ughhh I want mine so bad. According to moon audio there's been delay since chinese new year across the board, so no definite ship date...........
Ah thanks for the info I'll see if they pick up today if not I'll call tomorrow morning.
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