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 Thanks I understand where you are coming from. Unfortunately for me now, the only pair of headphones I have to compare to now are the PX100s and IE80 from Sennheiser. I'm still shocked there is more bass from the IE80s than my M100s.  I understand there will ot be beats style bass on every track but with the M100s am I right to say the bass will be emphasized on every track nonetheless? Edit: I've also contacted amazon (germany) and am getting a replacement pair. Hoping...
I see so it needs to be EQ-ed to have a good amount of bass?   Your comments give me pause and make me wonder if I should go for something else altogether instead of getting a replacement...maybe it's not faulty and just not meeting my expectations...especially when you say they sounds less bassy than the PX 100s without EQ. 
Thank for your input. I really hope this is the case. Unfortunately I have to buy from Amazon Germany since I'm in Europe but I hope my next pair gets that bass I am looking for!   Quick question for anyone out there, if I were to compare these to my PX 100 IIs, should they have more bass or less bass than the PX 100s? I think I will be able to tell from there if it should be like that.   Thanks!
 Thanks, my source is iPad or iPhone with no EQ. i tried Bass boost, but the bass did not increase much. Also tried it on PC with a V shaped curve EQ that I use and iut was not much better. The thing is I bought these so I could use it mobile without an amp, so I don't want to get an amp.a I am going to try for a replacment from amazon and see how it goes from there. 
Thanks. Have just email-ed them cause live chat is not working at the moment. I will see what they say, but I don't think i will keep these if I don't get the bass I want. The sound is very clear though especially the  treble though slightly sparkly? which shouldn't be the case.    So I guess the question now is whether to speak to amazon for a replacement or a full refund to get another brand/model of headphones.   I am really disappointed. After reading everything on...
 Do you think it is a problem with the headphones or maybe it's my expectations and I am expecting too much bass? What support should I contact and how can they help me? I got these from amazon so I can just return them without problems. The question is should I ask for a replacement or get a whole other brand of headphones.
 Yes I tried that. Just tried the other cable, I even tried a different port on the other earpiece, no difference. These sound like my Senn HD 598s not Basshead cans. Why is this happening to me ):
Okay thanks I see. it's just that these sound like my old Sennheiser 598s which i returned because of the lack of bass. I didn't have that problem out of the box with my beyerdynamic dt 770 8O ohm that I replaced it with.  So tempted to just spring for some Beats..
Hey Guys, just got my pair from Amazon Germany and I love the build quality alot but why is there a distinct lack of bass?   I am running from my iPad and iPhone 6 plus with no EQ settings and PC with V shaped EQ and there is hardly any bass. Even my Sennheiser IE80s and PX100IIs have more bass than this. Weren't these supposed to be basshead cans?   I tried a bass test on you tube and there is definitely low frequency sound, but not the bass punch I was expecting...
Any thoughts on the VModa M100?   Or should I go for the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x instead?   For Rock and EDM.   Thanks!
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