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After a long struggle to find something classy and sleek like the beats, I gave in and just bought the damn things. Saying I'm disappointed in them wouldn't be fair, because I knew from the start I'd end up with a POS headphone that has worst sound quality than a lousy pair of skull candies. Anywaysss, enough with my rants. I'm ready to actually take the time to find something I will be impressed with...I have kind of a limited budget, but not really, I'm open to just...
For the love of god, can we stop arguing about turn tables?   Jesus....   I am sorry if I offended anyone for mentioning record players, In my opinion - I don't like the sound. Thats just me. Let me be me.   But when I said that, I didn't care to read a full page worth of debate on the difference between record rips and vinyl sound quality. You both win - I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy....
How comfortable are those UE-6000? Think I could wear them for 3-4 hours on a plane ride and be fine?
Thinkin' about ordering a pair of the v-moda LP customs...anyone got a good review on those??
This. Exactly.Thanks for the suggestions guys!
Time to flush the beats - I'm sure you get these threads all day long.  But basically I want something that looks attractive like the beats, but something that doesn't have the typical record player sounding **** audio quality like the beats.   Some examples of what im goin after:   Polk UltraFocus 8000 NC Klipsch M40 Mode Sennheiser HD 598     I'm really going after that futuristic look..the glossy color, preferably white, blue, gray, or...
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