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Just installed.Thanks.
My super duper geek out is flying over the ocean.... I'm very excited to receive it :D
I don't think so. The slot on the rear is a changeble one, so or usb or thunderbolt I suppose.
Yes, I'm in Italy and have bought an ex demo for 1850€ from Germany, so I think that the one in the head-fi market has a good price for Europe.
I'm sorry but I can't since I haven't got a cd player. I'm using hilo only with pc.
 Hi, here I gave my impressions using internal xmos usb interface Vs Offramp 5.My conclusion is that they are on par even if with different characters.
 Yes, there are 1 and 0... but it's important when the 1 and 0 arrive, so different usb cable sound different.Even if I think it's a nonsense to spend much money in cables.
Hi Happy Camper, I'm using a Chord Silver Plus that I found with more body and bass impact than standard generic usb.
Yes, I know.Italian importer is www.palmtop.itStrangely Yulong answers to Matteo's request (to receive a demo unit to test) while palmtop no.Where do you live?Matteo is from Brescia, you could send him a message or contact him on gazeboaudifilo or tforum (Turo91).From a previous listening to Mytek I could say that they sound quite different: mytek has a very open sound while da8 is more dark.But the most important thing is to...
 Maybe not, this da8 unit was shipped from Yulong to Matteo for letting him test the da8 for his site, so I don't know if this unit is a new one or a demo one.I think that probably it's new.  When I've chosen my new dac I was debated between Hilo and Master 7 and finally I chose Hilo because it's from a pro company (that could have more market if I'd like to sell it in the future while, here in Italy, Audio-gd it's difficult to sell), it has very, very good measures...
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