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Forget what I just said!  I've just redo the survey and now I'm able to choose the old chassis. Thank you.
Yes, but my survey is different, as I said maybe my problem is that my original perks form pulse is a big thanks, because I am a geek out backer
No, when I use the survey I only see the possibility to choose pulse xfi with naked resistors and thd upgrade, but it doesn't call it infinity, nor there are the possibility to choose the case. Maybe the problem is that my perk forma the pulse is a big thanks, because I'm an originale geek out backer.
Hi Larry, actually in the new survey I don't see the way to choose old or new chassis. Am I wrong?
I've not opportunity to test Benchmark dac2, only Benchmark Dac usb that I've found a little too harsh for my taste.
Hi. In my experience Hilo is a very good dac. I found Hilo to be on par (or just a little behind) Forssell Mdac-2 and Burl Audio Bomber dac2 but for me Hilo is a step beyond versus Yulong da8, Anedio d2, Nad m51. Recently I've bought a Meitner ma-1... ma-1 is in another league but costs many more dollars. Ciao.
Hi, I used Geekout 1000 with Beyer T90 and found it a very good combo.
Just installed.Thanks.
My super duper geek out is flying over the ocean.... I'm very excited to receive it :D
I don't think so. The slot on the rear is a changeble one, so or usb or thunderbolt I suppose.
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