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I've not opportunity to test Benchmark dac2, only Benchmark Dac usb that I've found a little too harsh for my taste.
Hi. In my experience Hilo is a very good dac. I found Hilo to be on par (or just a little behind) Forssell Mdac-2 and Burl Audio Bomber dac2 but for me Hilo is a step beyond versus Yulong da8, Anedio d2, Nad m51. Recently I've bought a Meitner ma-1... ma-1 is in another league but costs many more dollars. Ciao.
Hi, I used Geekout 1000 with Beyer T90 and found it a very good combo.
Just installed.Thanks.
My super duper geek out is flying over the ocean.... I'm very excited to receive it :D
I don't think so. The slot on the rear is a changeble one, so or usb or thunderbolt I suppose.
Yes, I'm in Italy and have bought an ex demo for 1850€ from Germany, so I think that the one in the head-fi market has a good price for Europe.
I'm sorry but I can't since I haven't got a cd player. I'm using hilo only with pc.
 Hi, here I gave my impressions using internal xmos usb interface Vs Offramp 5.My conclusion is that they are on par even if with different characters.
 Yes, there are 1 and 0... but it's important when the 1 and 0 arrive, so different usb cable sound different.Even if I think it's a nonsense to spend much money in cables.
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