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Anyone hear anything about the replacement for the HE-6?
Anyone having difficulty tightening or loosening the nut that attaches the cables to the ear cups may find the following wrench useful.
What about crosstalk reduction, like in Tact products?  Ralph Glasgal is the expert.  Crosstalk reduction can provide better sounding surround without the usual surround circuitry or licensing.  You can design a "conventional" preamp with crosstalk reduction that can be turned on or off at the press of a button. Setting surround aside, normal two-channel stereo sounds much better with crosstalk reduction.
Has anyone tried the 560's with the Mjolnir/Gungnir?
Brevity is not the order of the day.  A lot of words on the sound of a unit will be appreciated.  A lot of words on taking the unit out of its box is too many words.
A lot of words for taking something out of its box.
Me too -- I vote for natural and matte finish.  Dark teak veneer would be even better.
Guys, let's please stay on topic.
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