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Hi guys,  Could any of you spot any difference with the stock player or the sound quality? I uploaded a few albums and played with the device last night but everything seems the same. Maybe this was an update for picture and video apps? (Who watches their videos and view their pictures on a Walkman anyway? Total waste of functionality and processor power if you ask me.) Wonder if we can find the release notes for this update... Time to google. 
Your welcome. I had to do a bit of search for it too myself. First of all, MediaGo will convert the files to 320 kbs MP3 when you want to upload them, whether you want it or not.  (This drove me crazy.) The trick is, you have to highlight the files you want to upload, and drag them (by right-click) to the device on the left panel. Let go the mouse and comes a menu where it says "advanced transfer" and you can chose "never convert" :-))) Hallelujah  
I can rip the CD's in Wav using windows media player, or in FLAC using MediaGo. If FLAC is also gapless, do you think there is any benefit re-ripping them in FLAC instead of Wav? (I also use Media Go to upload the files. I treid SonicStage but unless they updated it, it was a nightmare for me to find my way around.)  Thank you very much. 
Hi all, It's been ages since I visited this thread. So much so that I haven't realized that there was a firmware update for NW-1000 series. Yesterday I updated my 1070 to android 4.0,4, but I am not sure what has changed. Can someone tell me what this update brought with regards to stock player / sound quality etc.? I don't care about Google Chrome or any other android apps. Also, if you have an Xperia Z series phone, you will have noticed that with the last update,...
128 kbps really gives itself up with the poor high pitches. But I always thougtht that above 320 kbps, human ear cannot tell the difference. I'll put it to the test one day.
I just bought a pair of JBL Studio 190. They sound stunning. At the time, I use them with Sony STR-DH130 that I already own. My question is, how much of the sound quality is the amp and how much is the speakers? If I were to buy a high end amp (2.0), what would you recommend? Thnx.
Like I said, I didn't actually try to drag and drop my audio files in the music folder. Maybe it was that I used WMP. Even though after I transfered everything in WMP they ended up in the Music folder, when I tried the player there was nothing. That was strange. But the solution is simple, try drag&drop first, if it doesn't work use mediago or sonicstage. Just stay away from WMP :-) (Yep, I don't have a MediaGo folder either. MG places the music files in Music folder.)
Setting it to English is very easy. When you turn it on for the first time, it asks for the language, then all menus are in English. (There is one android app that is in Japanese, but I couldn't figure out what it's for.) You won't have any language related issues, but I doubt that dragging and dropping will work. At first, I tried Windows MP to transfer music files. WMP put everything in the MUSIC folder, but then the device could not see anything to play. (Strange) I...
I did it! And it was so easy I can't believe. Media Go places the playlists in the PLAYLIST folder in .pla format. All you have to do is go there and change the file extension from .pla to .m3u8 You don't even have to modify the file. Cool :-)))
I can't. I don't know what to drag & drop. SonicStage puts everything in a folder but it is impossible to decipher what is what. It changes the file names of the songs as well. I have no idea where it stores the playlists. I tried to find it to figure out the format, but I couldn't. As a last effort, I'll try playlist formats other than pla. Maybe it will recognize one if I'm lucky.
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