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They are all the same. Take your pick. 
  LOL x 3I use the clock only in the gym. The irritating part is checking if it shows the right time before starting my exercise. 
By the way is it just me who's bummed about A17's clock falling behind 5 minutes every month? I mean, really?
Is there a way to turn off Bluetooth? No device is paired but I still want to disable it for some reason...  
This is my good old gym partner. I've been using it for years and it's still in mint condition. My point is, **** happens. You buy a cover, screen protector, you treat it as your most precious possession and one day you drop it and the screen breaks. (touch wood) ...or you treat it as what it is; just a small DAP and apart from  a few scratches it withers well.  That's my philosophy anyway. Last month I dropped my xperia z3 and now there's a noticeable scratch on the...
Nice review.Thanks. But why do they always compare the headphones in their own price-range?I've been using Pro 2900 for two years now and I'm so used to the sound signature, everything else feels too claustrophobic. I've never liked Sennheiser (where are the trebles?)But they say HD800 is a different animal. I'd love to read a comparison of Pro 2900 vs HD 800. 
 I've devoured just the two cables. I have a feeling you are still the hulk    I don't any longer think it is the cable.  It's probably a soldering problem in the wm port connector which I cannot open. (I would completely wreck it anyway ) Normal room temperature all year long, around 72F. But sometimes it gets really hot in summer. Do you think that might cause damage? 
+1I agree. Throw away my bellowed E12 and get a good DAC/AMP which means more money out of my pocket and less battery life? Really can't be bothered. How much S/N ratio do I need anyway... Is it really worth the cost and effort? 
I use it all the time at home with my amp. Actually I figured it didn't completely break down... It comes and goes. the wm port connector is too loose. when I first bought it this was not a problem. But now, I have to try a few times to get it right. Probably a few pins don't fit tight or something... 
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