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Couldn't agree more. Unfortunately the first thing we look at is the price tag and  higher the price, higher the expectations and higher the placebo effect.Today I bought the most essential gear any audiophile should have which (may or may not) make a 50% difference for 50 cents : earwax cleaning solution    
True! Audiophile-grade SSD is a good idea for example! Though, I'm sure there are people marketing them.
That's insane! and I'm not buying PHA-3 just for that cable  Edit: No, this is WMC-NWC10 which charges android phones via walkman, which is the stupidest idea I've ever heard! It is not WMC-NWH10 and not for DAC connection at all!
Has anyone seen this sold anywhere? 
That's very easy to test. Connect your A17 to the amp via LOD. Put your cell phone just near the connector, call your cell phone and see if you hear any interference. (I didn't)  Repeat the test with HO instead of LOD if you want. 
That was very helpful. Thank you very much. 
I see. A follow up question: Why is walkmans' lineout level that low? What is the difference (as far as internal design goes) between X1 and A17 to cause that? 
I don't think the double-amping is that clear-cut in this case. Sony uses the S-Master chipset, so no specific DAC chip. Maybe someone with better understanding of A10's design can help, but where does the DAC end and where does the amp begin? That always puzzled me.After all, the EQ shouldn't work with the line out, but it does!  
I'm using this one at the moment: 
Same problem here. It is too thick. I have another one, but it is a bit long, 30 cm. I I will cut it and solder a 3.5 jack. That will solve the problem. I don't know what possessed FiiO to think that for such a short cable thickness would make a difference! 
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