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I washed the pads of my T1 in the wahsing machine gentle cycle and I'm happy to announce that they survived 
Format the SD card using exFAT, but the ultimate test would be to try the card with another phone. If it works, then your Note 4 is somewhat not compliant (it happened to me with galaxy s4). 
That's great news, I'm sure I can find an isolated table where I won't disturb anyone then :-)  Thanks.As for the bass reproduction, yes there's a big difference. T5p.2 has really rich and deep bass that doesn't get "muddy" (if that is the correct term to describe it) I enjoy the bass section of T5p.2 with almost every genre I listen to, especially symphonic pieces. Except for bass guitar heavy, heavy-metal maybe. (Think Nightwish)  That's the only time I sort of want to...
That's good to hear, thanks for sharing. I would very much like to hear the impressions of a fellow head-fi'er about Elear w/Utopia Pads vs. Utopia. I will definitely buy the Utopia pads when they become available. If I like what I hear, why should I (or should I) buy Utopia? That's the question. 
Thanks. I think I know what you mean. I think somewhat the same way, interestingly about vocals with Elear. It sounds like the vocalist is singing right in front of me. Elear also has a deep bass, but it can get "muddy" (if it means anything :-) a little EQ is necessary, or the Utopia pads will improve the tonality I hope.  
Can you elaborate what you mean by "depth and extension"?
Even though they are closed-back, these headphones still leak a great deal. Anyone used them in library? I don't want to use IEM's anymore, but afraid that it will disturb people...
It says unavailable now, but I got this one month ago from amazon, and it is ideal for Elear:https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01FH1CBMQ 
That's OK, you can use it to charge the micro with its USB cable. 
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