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By the way, is there a cable directly from WM Port to mUSB of the DAC? Or only WMC-NWH10 ?
That looks great. This low output of the DAC section of A10 really makes me want to buy a DAC/AMP and retire my E12... But with a limited budget, at the moment I can afford either a high-end headphone or a DAC/AMP. What do you suggest?  Which will make the greater impact on SQ? (My intuition tells me to audition some headphones first...)    
I need a lesson on S/N ratio. I'm not interested in the amp section of A10. (I only listen to it with IEM and on the go, so hiss and S/N do not have to be stellar.) If I didn't understand wrong, what you'r saying, @ClieOS is that when I connect A10 to my E12 via LOD, if I chose low gain, then there would be less hiss?? (Yes, when I switch to low gain I do not hear the hiss) Does that mean that I'm better off with low gain and I get a better S/N ratio?  I want to get the...
So, let's say I set my amp to high gain. Does it mean that I will get more hiss than low gain (provided the volume from my headphones is matched in both scenarios more or less) ?
Don't sell yourself short :-) You're a tech genius compared to me.I also don't have a problem with double amping, but I cannot decide which sounds better. If only I could figure out a system to match the volume levels (HO vs. LO)  I'd at least do an AB test.Yesterday HO sounded better, but now I'm back to LO :-)  Damn my obsessive mind 
 Yeah, I cannot keep my cool either. But it's futile to argue with Hi-Rez advocates who also claim that vinyl is superior to CD!castleofargh, do you mind giving some technical info? (If you charge for the service please send me your account # )Now I'm back to double amping by using the HO instead of LO and (placebo or not) it seems that hiss is less audible and I didn't notice any distortion so I'm OK with it. But I'm confused... We measure the output of an amp in watts,...
Oh God, why did you mention this! Now that I read your post, I started listening to German Requiem by Valery Gergiev. At the beginning, the relatively silent part, the hiss is very obvious. (High gain, 16 dB)  As the orchestra gets louder and louder, the hiss is inaudible (you have to turn down the volume anyway if you don't want to hit the pain threshold)Now the hiss will always be there in my obsessive mind even if it is inaudible for 98% of the songs in my library  
 I listened to the pre-loaded hi-rez songs when I bought my A17. Then I peeled the sticker off and noticed an audible improvement in sound quality. Probably the ihi-rez marketing bull$hit weared off. So your DBT will have the opposite effect on me 
Nice. Thanks for sharing. See, I might order this one, but not for protection, It is a solid and good looking case that says "hey guys, there's something of great value inside"   
They are all the same. Take your pick. 
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