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I've been using my micro iDSD with T1 gen 2 for sox months now. 80% of the time the ECO mode is more than enough to drive 600 ohm T1's.I never need the Turbo mode. which makes me wonder: Which headphones need that much power? Any of you guys use the turbo?
Any electrical (better said electro-magnetical signal across a wire DOES travel with the speed of light. Electric signals and light behave exactly the same way:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electromagnetic_radiation 
Strange strange strange! I reverted back to firmware 4.04 and the fade-in problem disappeared. 
That's interesting. I experience this only at the beginning of the first song. Not a glitch after that. Even if I pause the song, wait for a minute then resume, no problem. Again with PC,no problem. Just the beginning of the first song with phone or Sony A17 Strange...
Since the phone I'm using now is old, it might be the battery wear, so I'll wait for the new battery and will do another test. The firmware I'm using is 5.1b Shall I witch to 5.1?Also, maybe unrelated but sometimes I'm losing a split second of the beginning of the first songs in the playlist. Does it happen to anyone?
Yep. Same thing happens with my A17, I never had more than 4 hours of playback. 
I bought a second hand S4 and my Anker 7200 mAh battery is on its way :-)  At the moment I'm using the stock battery, but using USB Audio Player PRO, it lasts barely 2,5 - 3 hours. I have disabled every unnecessary app. Is this normal? I was expecting at least 5 - 6 hours of battery life. 
Excellent advise. Thanks. The most expensive part of the rig will be the 200GB Sandisk microSd then I can retire my Sony A17 for mobile use only.
Can anyone suggest an android phone that can play flac gaplessly with a long battery life to use with micro iDSD? thnx. 
  P7 + A17 ... A nice couple :-) 
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