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What dB can you derive from A20 with T1? Isn't it  a bit on the weak side as far as amps go?
How good is the battery life? (If I remember correctly iFi nano has a never-ending battery)  Can you charge it while playing? 
Anything is better than that monstrosity   (By the way, I didn't mean its shape, but its specs are monstrous )
I've completely forgotten about iFi. I actually considered buying the nano version instead of E12 last year. When my T1 comes I'll play with E12 for awhile but I guess I will have to buy this sooner or later. It looks like a monster. Thanks :-) 
It's a bit of a catch 22 really. E12 is powerful enough but it's just an amp, and E17 is not powerful enough I believe. It appears I will need a three-way approach: A17-DAC-E12 
 Agreed.Do you know of such a Dac/Amp that can drive T1? 
Speaking generally, not for HA-2, if your amp is powerful enough, do you think that the LO level will effect dynamic range or S/N ratio? 
I generally use FiiO's L5, but after all it's a short cable. It has to be really really long and really crappy to effect the sound quality. 
I don't get it. If you don't like android then what's the point? I'd buy XZ1 or ZX2 only if I were to use spotify etc. You have the HA-2 and A17, if what you are looking for is better sound quality, I'd save my money for better headphones. 
I don't even plug my 40 ohms, 96 dB sensitivity headphones direct into A10. Thank you so much for the clarification. I'd hate to buy a new amp. The E12 is so practical, portable and transparent sounding, I love it.The price of T1 first gen. went as down as 700 something, but 2nd gen. is around 1K. I'm not sure if the difference justifies $250 though... 
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