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I use Cozoy Astrapi. It's probably the most compact and versatile DAC you can find. 
What are the specs of the amp section? The only DAP I'll consider buying after A17 is one with comparable battery life and UI experience and can drive Beyer T1 (600 ohms) efficiently. 
Thank you very much.  This was just what I was looking for. It's a bit expensive but just might be worth it. 
Actually I don't want Head Tracking functionality. What i want is something that emulates the ideal listening conditions (with loudspeakers) and sends the modified signal to the left and right channel of my headphones. 
Here's one for 25 bucks: http://www.headphoneswarehouse.com/part/14282321/ 
My JBL loudspeakers came with the instruction manual that shows the dimensions of the ideal room, the ideal placement of the speakers and the ideal place you should sit down when you're listening to music. I assume it shouldn't be too hard for a DSP software to make the necessary adjustment in order to mimic the loudspeaker listening experience adjusted for headphones. Is it? Forgive my ignorance on the subject. what DSP would you suggest to experiment on? 
Consider this: When you are listening to loudspeakers, you don't hear the left - right channels with only one of your ears. You'll hear both channels with both ears. You'll need some sort of correction when you're listening to headphones. 
Although, I wonder whether a realistic implementation of cross-feed technology in a HP amp would provide listening experience closer to loudspeakers... 
Impressive. Talking about the soundstage of amps and headphones doesn't make much sense. It's all in the recording and your CD's were mastered to be listened with speakers, not headphones. 
I guess you'll need the FiiO L21 cable. 
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