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Thank you again
I have checked out the headphones you suggest me but for me none of them seem better than the three I selected. Thanks anyway
Thanks for your advice. I read your review of the HP 100. Have you tried the Sony or the KRK ?
Yes exactly ! My price range is 100-200 $
Hello everyone,  I want to but a pair of headphones mainly for home use on my laptop and also for a little bit of portable use with a FiiO e11. I listen to EDM, dubstep, electro but also pop/rock of the 70's so a flat FR is a good deal. I don't know which one to choose : KRK KNS 8400. Soundmagic HP 100. Sony MDR-7510. One of my major concern is comfort so which one of these do you think is the best for me.  Thanks.   Paul.
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