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 Are you playing 24/88 files?  I dont have another card that I can find, unfortunately.  I get what you guys are saying, it makes sense if its the card.  I just wish I realized this during the return window.
I have not benchmarked this card.  Not to sound despondent, but I dont have time to do things like that, so I trust independent reviews on the internet.  Cant be an expert in everything! They are all FLAC 24/88.  I dont encode them myself, but they seem be using FLAC 1.2.1, according to the files.  Is that what you are looking for?  Is there a way to find additional information for you?  Thanks!
If thats what it takes, I'll buy one, but be really annoyed. This Patriot card rated better on the performance tests I read, hence why I bought it.I do appreciate your help though.
Patriot.  I really like their stuff, I've always had great luck.  Not sure if you are familiar, but they aren't a cheap brand. It shows 73 gigs on the about screen. I am not sure if that is left or taken up, but its a 128 gig card (so really, 119 gig avail).
 Thanks for the prompt response, but unfortunately yes I did.
Full disclosure:  I have not done any research.  You can flame me if you would like, I deserve it.  But I am tired and dont feel like researching, I was hoping someone could help.   Any reason that my 24 bit files would have issues on this?  All my 24 bit stuff seems to occasionally crackle or stutter.  It doesnt do this on my HTPC on my floor standing setup, nor my PC I usually listen to music on.     I love this device other than when I randomly queue up a 24 bit...
This thing really is fantastic. On a whim I decided to listen to my Senn 650's on it and honestly, its pretty damn serviceable. Im listening to Fleet Foxes (which admittedly isn't super hard to push IMO) and I'm missing some low end bass response but it works.Also for anyone worried, I think the track wheel complaints are overblown.
No issues with the comfort of the HP50's in my opinion. The x3ii easily powers them (should be obvious).
Went with Patriot as I've always had success... no complaints here.
I wouldn't want any more highs out of the HP50, but maybe thats just me.
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