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I'm cheating, since 6 CD's arrived today.     Neil Young - After The Gold Rush     Raekwon - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx     Grizzly Bear - Vecketamist      Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse - Dark Night of the Soul     Daniel Rossen - Silent Hour / Golden Mile     Radiohead - Amnesiac  
K, let me give you my opinion. The sensors are so good these days it doesn't matter. Worry about lenses. Find the manufacturer that makes lenses that are in your budget that fit your shooting. For me, that's Canon, so I shoot Canon. I would be just as happy shooting Nikon. Pro fotogs shoot both, you certainly won't know a difference. Note: This is not about mirror vs mirrorless. This is about brand vs brand or waiting for the new body because it's going to have...
 Nope, I will buy them sight unseen.  Not a great way to go about choosing something, I admit.     I share your opinion on diminishing returns.  Thanks for the response.  I usually pefer to buy used but 130 BNIB from Amazon is very enticing.
Josh: Thanks, that makes sense. Stan: Dunno if you missed my original post, but I'm coming from a pair of HD650s. The point isn't I'm trying to be cheap, I just want to get a handle on what I'm buying and what they compare to, as well as their pluses and minuses. For something that compares as well to the 6xx line they are surprisingly cheap, and you usually get what you pay for in headphones up to a certain price point, and 130 isn't it. Thanks.
Lol, thanks guys. But what I am getting at is it seems like a lot of performance for the price... Almost too much. So am I missing something?
Bump for more opinions.
Thanks.Sounds pretty good for 130 shipped from Amazon. Am I missing something?
Thanks... 3 responses and so many options already.  :)   How do the HD558's compare to my HD650's?  Its hard to get direct comparisons as they arent really the same class of headphones.  Looks like these are very reasonable used also.     The Sony's have great reviews, but I might be hard pressed to get them for less than 150.   MalVeauX, thanks.  Thats a lot of suggestions to go over, :D  The K240mkII's always interested me, as did a pair of AT's.  Beyers worry me a...
 Then what are they? I am looking for a cheaper replacement for my HD650's.  Thanks
I am going to sell my HD650's here soon, I bought a pretty nice 2.0 setup for my family room and enjoy listening to that much more.  However, I still want someone usable for my computer.   Facts: Loved my HD650's.  Could have been slightly warmer.  Didnt think they lacked any bass, which should help understand my listening preferences. I have an M Stage amp but I'd rather sell it.  Maybe I'll buy a sound card with an amp built in or something cheap, but I'd prefer to...
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