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Id be willing to purchase them around 5 days from when I post this if you would be willing to wait
If you would be willing to bump them down to $300 I would be interested to buy them in a few days
alright how durable is the cord on the 880's and 990's want to know if it will need to be replaced if slightly damaged
I just sold my sennheiser 558's And I am looking to upgrade to beyerdynamic 880's/990's but I have a few questions before I buy them.   1. How durable is the cord on the 880's/990's? I really don't want to have to spend a ton of money on fixing them rather than buying a new cord   2.I have big ears "not like dumbo ears but bigger than average" would that be a problem considering the sennheiser's seem to be larger.   3.I know it's personal preference for how they like...
Yeah I got mine on black friday for 100$ but imo they are worth at least 200$ rather than 150$
I'm using the klipsch pro media 2.1 setup right now and I really enjoy it. It has clear audio and has A lot of bass for movies. It feels like movie theater quality which is nice for a 2.1 setup. The only issues with it that I can see is that it has so much bass that it shakes my floor/walls when the bass is over half way,the sub is kinda overkill for an apartment and that unless you have a good sound card for it to be powered it doesn't sound nearly as good. It's...
I have the same issue with my Klipsch Pro Media 2.1 speakers if I have the light on sometimes it will produce the popping sound but when I turn it off it ends up going away. It happens randomly so It is prob just too much power being used by the circuit box which is causing the issue. Hope this gives some insight to your issue.
I figured as much
Would getting A soundcard with a built in amp make much of a difference compaired to using the titanium hd with my headset?
I play a lot of different games rpg racing fps platformer dungeon crawler's etc but audio would only really matter in fps's and racing games atleast from I've experianced
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