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I think the eval version is the same thing as the full just permanent but don't quote me on it.
With the eval version you can use the eq settings but it's really worth the 6 bucks if you can Afford it
I bought mine off of eBay from this guy they came in excellent condition might as well have been brand new pads.
Yeah I am also treble sensitive which is one of the reasons why I sent back my phillips fidelo x2 it was just too piercing and the fit was uncomfortable as well. Also the mids do get killed with most desktop gear.
Just wanted to let you know Just got my fiio e18 and holy **** man The difference in bass from my bifrost/valhalla thanks a bunch
Downloaded the eval version and im really impressed with it. Ended up buying it nearly right away. I have one question though is there A way to tone down the scroll speed?
I decided to grab the e18. Now one other question what would you recommend for an eq/music player app for android? Right now I am using cloud player which is a variant of double twist. The ui on the app is great but the eq doesnt seem to offer much.
so what would be your picks then?
I was wondering if the oppo ha-2 would be a good option for this?
Yeah I have owned several headphones since my teens and recently I upgraded from my hd 558's to 650's and now I went out on a limb and picked these up and now they are my main headphones for almost everything except for gaming and voice chat. I am using them with eq, schiit  Bifrost uber and Valhalla 2 atm. I have a general idea of the eq settings needed but if possible could you give me some pointers on getting the most out of it.
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