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Ok got it.   I've also recently seen the new V-Moda m-100, that I believe have foldable cups for portability (not to mention a nice hard case). This would seem to be a "premium" alternative.   Any other "premium" alternatives to the Sony?
I was looking at those. In what way are "they better than the V6 in certain aspects"?   Also, is it worth going up to the 8400?
Thank for the suggestion. While sticking with the MDR-V6's are the safe bet, and one I might end up taking, it would be nice to find a suitable alternative to change things up.   I don't have any experience with the Ultrasones, how would you compare with the Sony's? Any notable differences?   Any other headphones to suggest?
Long time reader, first time poster:   I've had my MDR-V6's for over 10 years, and the drivers finally seem to be fading. I'm in the market for a new pair of Cans similar to the Sony's, however ideally I would like them to have similar portability, durability and comfort.   More specifically: The MDR-V6's fold "up and inwards" beneath the band, which is a space saving feature I appreciate. They don't crush my head too much when wearing for extended...
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