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I'm looking for a pair of Denon D2000s. They don't have to be modded, but can be if you have a modded pair.   Let me know what you have.
For sale I have a pair of Denon D2000s with wooden cups and an upgraded cable done by Martin Custom Audio   http://www.martincustomaudio.com/   They are in great shape and sound much better than stock D2000s (which I personally like a lot).    For an extra $20, I'll throw in the Woo Audio black aluminum stand.   Or if you want the walnut and stained cherry wooden one, you could have that one.   Price includes shipping. Add 3% for paypal or gift.
For sale I have the Headroom Micro stack with the optional Astrodyne power supplies for both the amp and dac. This is a killer combo for the price and will power all but the most power-hungry headphones very well.   Along with the dac, amp, and 2 power supplies you'll receive a Grado 1/4inch to 1/8inch adapter and cardas cable to connect the dac and amp.   Shipping to U.S. included in price. Add 3% for paypal or gift.
For sale I have an Anedio D2 Dac/Amp. This is one of the best DACs I've ever heard and the amp is even better than I anticipated. It powered all of my headphones extremely well. It would even push the HE-6s, though not to the levels of a speaker amp. I used it mainly with USB and it really did shine.   Comes with power cord and RCA interconnects.   Price includes shipping. Add 3% for paypal, or gift.
For sale are a pair of Hifiman HE-6 headphones. They are in excellent condition with no damages. Comes with hard flight case, 2 cords terminated in 4 pin XLR, 1 XLR to 1/4 inch adapter, and leather pads. They have the velour pads on at the moment and those are in good condition, still very comfy. I also put on an aftermarket leather headband which is padded. It greatly reduces the felt weight of them allowing for longer listening sessions.   For an extra $160 I'll...
For sale are a pair of Shure SRH-1840 open-backed headphones. They're in great condition, very low hours and no cosmetic or functional damage. Comes with carrying case, extra cord, screw-on 1/8inch to 1/4 inch adapter, and extra velour earpads.   For an extra $20 I'll throw in the Woo Audio aluminum stand.   Shipping included in price. Add 3% for paypal or gift.
For sale I have a PS Audio GCHA headphone amp. This amp retailed for $1000 when it was new and sounded great. However, after another $500 of mods by Reference Audio Mods, this thing sounds even better. Powers all of my headphones very well except for the HE-6. Those really need a power amp to shine. But it has powered everything else excellently.   Price includes shipping to the U.S. Gift or add 3% for paypal.
For sale is an Anedio D1 Dac in great condition. It sounds amazing, and the headphone amp on it rivals more expensive dedicated amps. The amp powers my headphones very well, even high impedance cans.   Comes with power cord and remote control.   Make me an offer and include shipping terms.
Head-fi is such an awesome community. I hope whoever gets these appreciates your generosity! 
  I'd say it was very well planned for Schiit to introduce these right before Christmas.   Basing my assumption off of Schiit's other offerings...they would probably pair very well with your 588s.
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