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Hi, is it possible that you reupload the photos? Plan to recable mine :)
awesomes. it's nice that the E10K doesn't need to be plugged into a separate power source.
I'd like to ask some questions regarding the E10K.   I wanna know how it fares with the E09K, I know one is a DAC/amp while the other is purely an amp.   My setup will be the mbp retina 13" - > either one Fiio > ESW-9 and XBA-4 I don't plan to use the E09K docked though.   Which will sound better? How does the E10K fare against the E09K.   Plus, issit possible to use the E10K like this? mbp > dell U2414H (via mini-dp or HDMI) > E10K (via usb since i'll be hooking...
I can't comment on this as i've not used the HD25 and M50 before. but coupled with the ESW-9, you get really rich and warm mids plus enough bass without an amp.
me too. i use the xba-4 with the walkman and it sounds dry. no bass and mids were barely there. the walkman sounds awesome with the ESW-9 though. btw, does anyone use the UE 900 with this walkman?am considering an upgrade from the XBA-4 to the UE-900 before stopping for a long while to save up for the SE846 =D
Where do I get the case and screen protector for this walkman? Im only using a microfiber pouch to store it..
Got my walkman on monday. been using it with LOD to the fiio E6. W/o the amp, the walkman sounds pristine and clean with the precisely timed bass. With the amp, it sounds like I'm sitting in a hall listening to it (not the surround sound type but the soundstage). it's simply my best purchase of the year.   question though, i've tried load .dff (DSD) files into it but the stock player doesn't recognise it. i thought this player is DSD capable?
Placed my order with Sony Malaysia two days ago. Waiting for it to arrive!
I have very good seal. I use the hippo foam tips with it. But there is simply no bass from it. Details are all good but no bass from the F806. No problems with my 4S. It may be a problem with my f806 coz it was bought under the counter.
Guys, I have a couple of questions. 1. How does this compare to the F800 series sonically? I have the F806 Jap. version and the clarity is through the roof but there simply isn't enough bass for my taste (or rather any) and I use the XBA-4.   2. Has anyone gotten it from Malaysia yet (retail)? Are there differences with the Jap. version?   3. Is the HX amp system wide like the F800 series after the 1.12 update?   4. If say I wanna upgrade my the experience, should I...
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