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Was just meandering my typical anime and game blogs and stumbled across this   Apparently it's a collaboration with fostex and a company called goodsmile that does anime related collectible things.    Main website is here   But curious for those who've used Fostex headphones, how are they at isolating outside noise? Also is the sound quality balanced out? My fear is that...
Amy difference in quality with these options?
I've been looking around and I can't seem to find any stores that sell the new braided 90 degree lightning to USB cable. Where did you get yours?
Kinda share your opinion in a sense, but overall I actually enjoyed the series to a certain extent. Piece by piece, it actually parallels the story of King Arthur and the knights of the round table, which I'm familiar with. BUT that was about the only thing about the story that I liked. If I hadn't known King Arthur, I would not have liked the series.   Shinsekai Yori on the other hand, was a very well-written story, somewhat reminiscent of a novel I read a long time ago...
  It's a US Air Force Garrison cap. my avatar is the desert version boonie hat. maybe I'll give her an aviation david clarke or bose headset or something
here it is, a higher DPI could work better, but I'm satisfied. Hope to make more in the future  
Hi, yes I did get my LP2 shields engraved, I think I posted a photo in the thread at some point.
Psycho Pass did have a few parallels between the Madoka series, such as Kogami and Akane having similar character traits to Homura and Madoka respectively. I'm also seeing similar parallels in the series Suisei No Gargantia where the whalesquid/Hideauze do share character traits with the Witches from the Madoka series. I wonder if anyone else may have noticed?
So far, I've come across 2 choices that seem to work with Shure SE IEMS, that come with built in remote microphone controllers; The cables for the Logitech UE 900 and a cable sold on ebay from Sunricky. Now, the Logitech UE version costs $25 and the Sunricky one cost $99. I was wondering if anyone has used both can offer any input on what would be the difference in terms of sound quality, is the sunricky model worth the price? or would one be better off using the...
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