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My tube buffer with the Voskod "rocket" is very special. I tried more expensive tubes and I agree those colored the Adam sound to much. The main point though is Adam has great monitors and we all agree on that. I am also looking at S3x V down the road but not right now since it took me this long to complete my rig and I love my new Hifiman 500's a perfect compliment to the A7x/sub8.
I agree whole heartily I've often wondered where the Adam users are or if I was imaging what I'm hearing.
7+ but I can't measure it with any others so I don't know how much improvement is left!
Sorry I'm on the ass end of this but which amp?
I have my beloved TD-11 on the selling block as we type, pass the word ;D
Grant TD-11 for sale with upgrade tubes included!!!
Can't wait i'm moving things around to get the same combo too.
I'm selling my 1yr old black faceplate Tubedac-11, lightly used maybe 300-400 hours max.  Stock, Zaerix 6Dj8  and Voskod Rocket tubes included.  No scratches or marks that I can see, everything works as brand new.   Selling because I added headphones that require high power amp +2w or better. Buyer pays shipping and paypal fees.US buyers only. If you want my impressions read my review of TD-11, it has not changed only improved with time.
It never rains in So Calif but today, it brought the dreamer in me out.+1 to starting one 😉!
You may be right while listening to my favorite Bill Evans hi-res I noticed some hot spots. A friend did some test with LCD-3's going from Burston to TD-11 and heard the same sizzle.What do you think about the Uber/Lyr combo as a preamp and HP amp for active monitors/HE-500?If I make this investment do you think it'll be a end game for my CURRENT desktop setup (monitors and headphones)?Until I win the lottery and get my PMC active stack main system OMG!Just the...
New Posts  All Forums: