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Post or PM if you got em.   Thanks!
I'm kinda a noob to this posting closed? Sorry, if so.   Otherwise, I'm interested in that E9 if it's still for sale ;)
For sale or for trade.   About 50 hours of burn-in time. Not modded and ear foam and headband are all in excellent condition. No box....only the cable and 1/4" to 1/8" adapter. The only reason I'm selling is that HD-600's appear to be more ideal for mixing/editing based on everything I'm reading and hearing.   Willing to sell or trade for HD-600's + $50-ish.   POST or PM...   Thanks! Jason     kw: Sennheiser 650 hd650 senny hd-650
I hope I'm not disrupting this thread with a noob question like this, but could someone steer me towards some great compilation CD's of popular classical music? Just looking to get into the basics of the major composers...with great recordings, mixing, mastering to make some HD650's sing.   I started a thread here:   THANKS! :)
Nothing? Anybody?    Didn't really want to shoot randomly in the dark with so many compilations out there--my wallet would be even more angry that it already is :(   Really want to find stuff with great sound-staging & separation.   I see this thread here too, except the tastes seem to be very selective.   Thanks!
 The Schiit website is pretty clear on the differences--the uber models only offer more connectivity options, no increase in sound quality.
Looking for some well-recorded/mixed/mastered classical music compilations to enjoy with some new HD-650's :)   I'm not a total noob, but am clearly super-far behind knowledge and experience-wise from other members here. My tastes probably seem rudimentary....mostly classical music 101 stuff like:   Bach - Badinerie, Air on the G, Brandenburg Concertos, Suites for Solo Cello Bruch - Violin Concerto #1 Albinoni -Adagio in Gm Grieg -Hall of the Mountain...
 The CS4398 appears to be in the EMU 1212m PCIe interface also Also wondering how this DAC compare to what's in the Schiit Modi and other similarly priced DAC's...
Sorry noob question...   Is the Schiit Magni 2 Uber going to sound much better than my Presonus HP4 for my HD-650's?   I don't need the four headphone outputs of the HP4, but I do need the stereo/preamp OUTS, hence why I'm checkin out the Schiit Magni 2 Uber.   Thanks
 Should I rule out the Fiio E9? I see lots of people pair it with the HD-600's and seem pleased. Probably going with either the Asgard 2 or Magni 2 Uber....if I can figure out the difference lol. Also, I'm pretty much set on just going analog in at the moment.  THANKS! 
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