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I'd like to go, I don't have much to contribute though. I only own a pair of 558's at the moment and a friend is building me an o2. That wont arrive for a while though since its still in production and will ship from hong kong. I'm getting some v3's sometime soon but I only recently shipped my impressions in. Eventually I'll buy some orthos but mostly if I came I'd just be bumming other peoples cans ^_^. Um. Also it depends on how long a bus ride to westerwille will...
  Stop being so foxconn you.
  I haven't gained weight in the past 4-5 years.
Aiiiiiii. Reshipping my impressions out tomorrow. ' Final image: (i think), asking for a mock up to see what it'd look like. $15 is w/e yo.    
  I would have you get drunk and skype video chat me.
So... I outsourced a picture for my engraving to someone who did the inking of the original picture I wanted. He said he should be finished with it by next week sometime.    New picture to be inked:    
If his hair makes his look busy... What do you think of mine lol
        Not exactly headphone stands, but I didn't really see anywhere else to show off what I made. Speaker stands isntead :P.
  why not get a korean ips monitor? i don't mind the differences very much but I guess you might.       i thought 3. just me though.   trying to get an artist to ink a picture for me for PH. might just go with what i orginally had though. only thing bugging me is that the image will start from the bottom of the panel instead of being centered or something with space under it.
Have we tried complain about b10latbs as well and seeing if we can wiggle money back from him slash make him send us new panels? Or is that just too much effort. I swear I'm going to glare at the latbs misspelling until i just cover it up with tape or something.
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