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  You're a senior right? I'm willing to wait until you graduated to ninja it LOL. Except you'll be like ninjaing 8 units at once so it might not be very ninja.   Got an 87 on my ochem midterm. Average was a 66. Meh. Not as well as I wanted.
So would anyone coming from out of town (not from the greater columbus area) be willing to swing by and pick me up on their way there? Bus ride from where I am would take like 80 minutes, half of that being walking >_>. 
  head of department at school is ragemcsmelly face
  You have to pay return shipping though :P.
  I'll post it when I get the finished product image :).
Bah I want to recable my v3 purely for aesthetics. Starlight/sapphire/chris himself cable looking to be top contenders for not ridiculously expensive but still pretty.
Though I find it odd they don't charge shipping for demos and yet when you pay $500 for their product they do charge shipping..
Ugh. Its been like one hour and I'm getting impatient for my ciems to be finished already lol.
Just payed for mine. Should be expecting them within a week. Took me months to decide on/design artwork.   Apparently these are ridiculously sensitive. Poo. I wanted to find some mediocre sub $100 portable amp to use with them.   EDIT:    Maybe I'll just get a e5 for $19 lul. According the it drives 15 ohm @ 1khz fine. 
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