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  what underachieving crap major are you talking where you're only doing 12 credit hours.
Hmm, oh haiburi I see you're interested in the c5 as well. I'm thinking I might preorder it to be honest.
High school was like.. hang out with friends until 10 pm on weeknights after school and then go home and either play video games, watch some shows, or talk to friends all night. Now my day generally goes like this: wake up, go to class, do homework, get distracted by the internet, go to more classes, go to research, go to work, come home too tired to do homework, sleep, repeat. I can't wait until I have a job and the only thing I have to do outside of work is read...
  In hs it was. Rarely pay attention in class, take naps, pass notes, listen to my ipod -> do all my homework during lunch -> still get A's. God I miss high school.
  I sit in the library 8-12 hours a day 3-5 days before a midterm and just study.   Also what the **** I got an 11/15 on a writing assignment. This useless ass TA doesn't even know the answer to questions that I ask him and yet he gives me a 11/15? Die.
In class, otherwise I might've given that song a listen.   Got my bio grades back, got a 85 :l. Bah. I need to get an A in gen bio this semester. Probably shouldve studied for more than like 3 hours but  I spent over 20 on ochem and I didn't have any energy left to study any more. Last one now. World Cinema.. studied for this for like 1 hour we'll see how it goes.
Yeah but... my roommate got a 97. >:, I just made too many stupid mistakes le sigh.
I'm second year in uni. Lol.
  You're a senior right? I'm willing to wait until you graduated to ninja it LOL. Except you'll be like ninjaing 8 units at once so it might not be very ninja.   Got an 87 on my ochem midterm. Average was a 66. Meh. Not as well as I wanted.
So would anyone coming from out of town (not from the greater columbus area) be willing to swing by and pick me up on their way there? Bus ride from where I am would take like 80 minutes, half of that being walking >_>. 
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