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  Yeah I sort of understand it now. Too tired to think about it though, I've had a 14 hour day today. bio lab -> chem lecture -> research -> work from 8 am until 10:30 pm.     idk. mine are supposed to take under a week bc they gave me a free rush order. maybe i'll get mine before you :P.
  Looks like a boy cough.   Also saw some guy with momentums in chem today. They don't look as classy as I thought they'd be.
Yeah I just don't really have time for games though. When I do I still have 4 or so games I still have to beat. In particular the batman series
Also thinking about picking up DmC. Too bad the russian key sites don't seem to include dmc4/3 with DmC. God I loved those games as a kid.
  Deadly what do you even do for a living >_>. Seems you always have money.     +2     So.. I buy sc games to play the storyline and then quit. Also kerrigan is a babe.
    2. Things hooked in parallel (Fig. 1.1) have the same voltage across them. Restated, the sum of the "voltage drops" from A to B via one path through a circuit equals the sum by any other route equals the voltage between A and B. Sometimes this is stated as follows: The sum of the voltage drops around any closed circuit is zero. This is Kirchhoff's voltage law.
So Boris. Wtf is a voltage drop.this book puts it in quotes and then doesn't explain what it means
.pdf's and this kindle app aren't the best of friends.
  Cable for aesthetics not sound. Duh.
Hmm I ordered v3s, wondering if they e-mail you when they have them completed and ship them out to you, and send you a picture of the completed item?
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