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Rofl. Inuyashu epilogue uploaded like.. a million years later.
  Yeah I sort of understand it now. Too tired to think about it though, I've had a 14 hour day today. bio lab -> chem lecture -> research -> work from 8 am until 10:30 pm.     idk. mine are supposed to take under a week bc they gave me a free rush order. maybe i'll get mine before you :P.
  Looks like a boy cough.   Also saw some guy with momentums in chem today. They don't look as classy as I thought they'd be.
Yeah I just don't really have time for games though. When I do I still have 4 or so games I still have to beat. In particular the batman series
Also thinking about picking up DmC. Too bad the russian key sites don't seem to include dmc4/3 with DmC. God I loved those games as a kid.
  Deadly what do you even do for a living >_>. Seems you always have money.     +2     So.. I buy sc games to play the storyline and then quit. Also kerrigan is a babe.
    2. Things hooked in parallel (Fig. 1.1) have the same voltage across them. Restated, the sum of the "voltage drops" from A to B via one path through a circuit equals the sum by any other route equals the voltage between A and B. Sometimes this is stated as follows: The sum of the voltage drops around any closed circuit is zero. This is Kirchhoff's voltage law.
So Boris. Wtf is a voltage drop.this book puts it in quotes and then doesn't explain what it means
.pdf's and this kindle app aren't the best of friends.
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