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Skipped a bunch.    @boris,    if you ever do end up getting more top panels because you have a laser tool at uni, think you could also get front panels too to fix the typo? its honestly going to bother the crap out of me.
Oh I guess yesterday was CNY eve. Happy CNY.
  Lol I have higher than you in everything except harddrive.. and then my overall score is like 1 point lower. I have like a 5.5 or something for my data xfer LOL.
@act talk   I always thought standardized tests were silly easy... I think I got a 35 or something on the ACT?
  Mmk. Wait do you have extra top panels? o_o.     Wb~. And nice. You got he-500's right? I think I remember seeing a post about it a long time ago.
  This. Aka do you think its possible to ninja once you graduate or too much effort? Or something you don't want to attempt.
  Lol. benefits of US based companies I suppose.   Also happy chinese new year
Rofl. Inuyashu epilogue uploaded like.. a million years later.
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