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  Wait they were? I must've missed it then.
  Except hifiman never has sales. Just ask around the deals thread. People are excited about like 25$ off, so this is pretty huge.
  The thing is if i get the HE-500's now I'll pretty much be done with my audio related purchasing for the next 6 years, apart from amps if I'm not satisfied with PH and portable amps, and recabling. I think I'll sleep on it and probably impulse buy tommorow.
  The best sale I've seen on the he-500's was $50 off and that lasted like a day.
Hmm. If I get the he-500's now.. I'll have just gotten ciems AND a new pair of cans within like a week. At the same time my bank account won't drop below the 4 digit mark....   HE-500 is $630. I'm so tempted. fffffffffff. 
  Oh god don't tempt me don't tempt me....
  Because we started well over 6 months ago and we ordered the parts in bulk for 10 units. Plus borisu isn't doing it for profit, mostly its because he's being and nice.
Sounds good.Also what's the deal with this free sr007 talk
  What is this glitching you speak of? Also, do you remember I asked for blue LEDs? :x.
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