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  The thing is everything I usually get off AB is the bluray version anyways so the freeleech doesn't really do anything for me.
  Why you no read all posts. I don't feel like digging up the drama again so I just won't mention it and be tempermental and sad and be like why you no care about me
  Hai love <3. I totally took you side ok so love me more.
I'll probably be going just don't know how I'm getting there yet or if I have to work.
  Missed my GIMMA YO HOTS (unless blizzard still link c.c. info to your account) post.
Ima take wifeys side because, well you know, wifey. And lashing out and swearing and raging at other people about an internet forum only makes people lose respect for you and shows you probably have some anger issues.
also let me know how the build quality ends up on brians work is compared to your lcd's. close up pikturs too get yo camera back already.
  i played   maplestory
  totally dodged questions der.
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