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Also Trace, and Magician are pretty good. I'm still waiting on Trace s2.
  [[SPOILER]] also, kubera is one of my favories. tower of god's been going strong for a while. havent tried annarasumanara. yeah ability is kinda meh so far. nothing really special.
Does anyone else here follow nobelesse? its probably my favorite manhwa/manga of like all time.
Oh god the m80s go for 100 on amazon used and thats with prime shipping. >_@(
Hmm I can also sell off my m80s and hd558's sometime now too~. I never use the m80s anyways. Finding someone to buy will probably be a PITA though.
  Oh well. I won't be checking any deals threads/sites for a while now to save myself some money.     ~ :D. 
  I prefer my the pop the cherries of my possessions myself.
I bit.
  I remember checking the deals thread every day in oct/nov. Pretty sure I wouldn't have missed it. Are you sure you're not thinking of the he-400's? Anyways.. I decided to bite anyways. Its not like I don't have money left after but I'll probably move everything I have into savings now so I won't spend anymore.
Going for ttvj coupons, it seems they used to give a coupon when you signed up for your first buy. Anyone have experience with them/know if they still do that? Signed up and havent gotten an email yet :x.
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