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  Same thinggggg.
  I have a coax input on my mobo? That counts right   This is the right kind of spdif cable right? Also, will the weird end parts on the amazon one make it hard to plug into my comp/PH?   Side note; HE-500 shipping today I am excite.
Also, This one?
Does that just mean when there isn't anything plugged into it and you have it on it'll make loud noises?
Oh ok fine tiffany. Ignore jessica. Bitch.
  Also, hi tiffany I'm cuter than you >:
  Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.   I have a pair and they're mediocre. 
Trace spin off? I haven't bothered reading it yet, Most of the time I just have enough time to keep up with the ones I've been folowing for the past few years. Starting a new one always ends up with me ignoring everything and finishing a whole series in a day or two.
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