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  Research, extracurricular lab that I partake in for not a grade, but a recommendation letter and something shiny to put on my resume. I'll just say I'm sick or visiting my family or something~.
Also Wakeup Deadman is back. Yay~
So my HE-500 is estimated to come friday.   I may skip class and lab to wait for it.
Meh. It's cool being batman. Also.. I've been at like the last part of Dragon Age: Origins for the past like ~8 months. Haven't bothered finishing it still. And then there's the expansion. Meeeeeeeeeehhhhhhh.
I just beat Arkham Asylum.   Good game, pretty short though. ~10-12 hours of gameplay. I still have city and a few others to finish though, then I'll look into getting DmC.
Also my v3's shipped out today as well :D.   So... yeah he-500s, v3's, wall wart, coax cable, all shipped today. Now for the whole waiting thing. :<.   Oh also I got some timberlands on sale for 80% mark down. Those come tomorrow.
    Introduce me to the world of nice pens. Wait don't, I spent like 1.3k in the past week.
Yuhave 2?
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