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My v3's are out for delivery right meowwwwww. I am exciteeeee.
  Gurl, wutchu think.   @PH; I'll send a little extra when I send the money for shipping as well. Are they still being shipped out the 15th?
Man I wish I had some dorky friends who were interested in photography so I could borrow a dslr camera to take some pics of all my crap I got recently
I just hope he's not a yaoi version of lollipop-chan...
  I said "used" to. He's like.. retired now. Don't think we'll be becoming best of friends anytime soon.     Let us know how it works out!
The guy giving me a ride to the meet on saturday went to my school too~. Cool coinkeydink. 
My v3's are coming on thursday~ Finally got the updated shipping info after a constant f5 mashing every 20 minutes. Maybe I'll skip thursday too...
  Now we know why bowei acts like he does sometimes.
  You realize if you can't get your temperature to go down within a few hours from 105 there's a chance you'll get brain damage right?
  Awh shucks :l. Outsourcing ftl. Nope, they just sent me the USPS shipping info. They ignored my emails when I requested pics. :l.     More like I'm going to a meet on saturday :P. And getting things redelivered is a PITA because its signature delivery.   Also.. shouldn't you be going to a hospital if your temp is 105..?
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