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For sale are my HD 558's. These are like-new, purchased sometime in 2012. They have over 250 hours of use, but are in perfect cosmetic and functional condition. I do not have the original box. The headphones come with the stock cable, and the 1/4" adapter that Sennheiser originally includes with the headphones. Price includes shipping; buyer pays paypal fees, and insurance on shipping if desired.   Pictures will be uploaded later tomorrow.
  A concise post from bowei? No way!
  Atleast it came in the post this time. Trololol.
For sale is my V-Moda M80 shadow. It was bought a few months ago and it didn't really suit my needs. Total usage probably came out to under 5-10 hours worth. Its in perfect cosmetic and functional condition. Comes with all original accessories and packaging. Price includes shipping to U.S. Buyer pays paypal fees; insured shipping is extra.
  Typical bowei.   LOL. Oh gawd I need to get lollipopchan to buy stuff from me.
  Bah trade me friends. I need a friend with a decent camera so I can take pretty pictures of my new gear.     Howl's moving castle/ Unlimited blade works/ ff7 advent children/ whatever else that guy who directed howl's moving castle made i've watched like all of them but i don't remember their names right now     Why is mine getting done last so sad T_T.
Ugh stuck in class til 8, I hate wednesdays
THEY'RE HERE.    :3.    Waiting for my roommate to come back to take pictures.
My v3's are out for delivery right meowwwwww. I am exciteeeee.
  Gurl, wutchu think.   @PH; I'll send a little extra when I send the money for shipping as well. Are they still being shipped out the 15th?
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