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@Boris what are the specifics of the relay in PH?
  Ha, Ha. Ha. All you get are chocolates. 
The later at night it is, the more likely I'm going to impulsively spend more and more money on things I don't need just for the hell of it.    ~.
Just wanted to say that Trevor is an absolute gentleman to deal with, I've pestered him with over 30-40 emails of questions, and changed my mind and have asked numerous questions and he's been terrific throughout the whole process. It seems our sleep schedules match up as well. I haven't even received his product yet, but I'll be sure to go back to again in the future for his stoic patience and spectacular service.
Hmm got me interested in the emotiva. I'll probably jump on it the next time a sale comes around or if I can find a used one~.
  You think I care about what genre's you want to read? Ha.
New Kuro****suji chapter. ~ so cool ciel.
  A Song of Ice and Fire go!
  Like I pay for software programs. Just who the hell do you think I am?
So I got jRiver. It's pretty nifty.
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