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  Did you just have random scrap pieces of steel lying around? Or did you buy them specifically to make that.    I guess since we're doing room setups I'll do a full room type-a-thang.          
  I think warren stated earlier he didn't really have very much experience with DACs and is just throwing out the Cantata because it looks cool.
  Mini rack is acrylic +... aluminum? 
Nothing I own is overclocked. ain't nobody got time for that.
It says its only avaliable for the dac1 variations not the dac2 o_o. Unless it hasn't been updated? Or the dac2 just goes under a different name.
Hmm I could totes do that but I don't want to be tempted to buy it.
  Did you do that with the control PCB you made? I was thinking about getting a speaker tap for the he500's but I don't want it to blow my schiit up when the power surges.
How did you make it so PH doesn't kablooey everything when my power goes on and off like a stupid lightning storm.
@Boris what are the specifics of the relay in PH?
  Ha, Ha. Ha. All you get are chocolates. 
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