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Well be a dissatisfied customer with angry complaints then. This is kind of the reason I never buy used on forum. That does suck though, although I guess $25 isn't that big a deal in the grand scheme of things. Also does anyone have any cheap suggestions as to how to not have my headphones blow up if I use the a-100 speaker tap in the case of a surge?
Wifey said not unplugging my phones whenever turning the speaker tap on or off would make them go boom so in the case of a surge I'm skrood
So someone who isn't a dumb sloot tell me that if a power conditioner would protect my headphones from exploding if I had them hooked up to a speaker tap and there was a power surge.
  Yeah so I might go study a year abroad in the UK just for that price on a U3011.
Wait $640 or 640 sterling. You put $ so I'm assuming $ but my head is poo.   As wifey would say I'm a stupid sloot.
  Well...     TIME TO VISIT THE UK.   (ha.. getting a u3011 through customs, brb bringing empty suitcase and borrowing your clothes then)
My thought process if I ever have to choose between the two   >HD800 looks shinier >t1 looks god awful >buys the hd800 instead
  Is there anyway for you to hook a brother up? Or is a UK exclusive thing?
  How much did you get yours for/where?
I wish the new U3011 for $850 deal at best buy would come back again. Hngggggggg; 3 year warranty and everything. 
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