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Interested in the a100. The biggest issue for me is that I'm not sure how to deal with a potential power surge? I think me and my roommate have somehow overloaded our circuit breaker thrice these past few months and I wanted to know if that made the a100 a bad choice for me or of there was a solution to this problem.
Oh those have filters? I have a pair I got to see what the hype was about. I don't know how much postage from the us to aussy is but it shouldn't be too much if I just threw them into an envelope. If the seller still sucks I can send mine to you, I abhor them, and never use them.
The o2 is fine. Tbh I won't get anything until I go to a meet and compare what I have vs some other stuff other people have but I'm bored so I'm doing research ( aka spamming wifey with questions and complaining when it gets to hard)
Meh. Maybe I'll just get a lyr. Just noticed this thing is 15" deep too... Mini my ass
Meh. Maybe I'll just get a lyr. Just noticed this thing is 15" deep too... Mini my ass
Wife I ain't got time to read that whole thing -.-.
I haven't bought it. Idk power conditioner sounded like a cool thing because I'm a dumb sloot. So external power supply or battery powered power supply are my only options of protection in case of a surge? How does a non battery powered supply help then doe
It says it has audio sensing turn on. Idk what that means doe brb reading manual.
Well be a dissatisfied customer with angry complaints then. This is kind of the reason I never buy used on forum. That does suck though, although I guess $25 isn't that big a deal in the grand scheme of things. Also does anyone have any cheap suggestions as to how to not have my headphones blow up if I use the a-100 speaker tap in the case of a surge?
Wifey said not unplugging my phones whenever turning the speaker tap on or off would make them go boom so in the case of a surge I'm skrood
New Posts  All Forums: