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  Probably getting abducted in the motherland and used as a sweatshop worker or a little boy girl sex slave.
Twinkie wife attack.
Just did the jergpad mod, works pretty well imo:       yo I'm bad at describing stuff whee.
Just did this! Up to step 2 at least; I ordered an extra pair of plethers, kind of wish I ordered an extra pair of velours as well now; though I think step 3 looks a bit too ugly for me :P. I'm really bad at describing sound; but if I had to say it I'd have to say that the mod makes everything more even throughout? Umm; I guess I'll use the specific example, I was using Welcome to Jungle as a test track, and the guitar and percussion pop out more and seem to be better...
Mike,   I'm just looking for something that will keep the power going to the mini-x during a time when power is cut off; so that I can remove my headphones and then turn it off. The main thing I want to do is be able to unplug my headphones before the amp powers off. It doesn't seem like either of those will really do that for me?
Mic cable vs cable that doesn't have mic is a no brainer!   Get the mic cable; I'm probably not going to replace my ciem cable until I destroy it. Mostly replacing my HE-500 cable because it's ergonomically terribad.
  It's only paper.
"This item is currently out of stock" = robbed?
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