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  I wasn't severely underweight but.. sub 100.   Just curious why do you prefer DHC?      :(. Well you needed the money quick for dem tickets so meh.     LoL.     Next 3 months hmm. Well I just spend 250 on cables; so i think I'm not allowed to spend my next month of paychecks. Then the next 2 months I'll have around $1000 usd for PC/HF. I might just get a u3011 and call it a day.     Oh youuuuuuuu and your problems. Me and tangster know where its at~.     Trudat Alright...
  Have I mentioned kerrigan is hot? The original was of course the hottest doe before she went all zerglike. I might torrent hots just for the campaign.   Bah; not cracked yet. Lesad.
  Fatty.   Fatty.   Fatty.   Fatty fat fatty.
  I'd give you a backrub if you ever made me feel like I was loved. Or even liked.
  You could say anything is based off real martial arts concepts -_-;;. That point is rather moot. 
Yes I am that I have a negligent wifey.
  oh anime. ignore me i only read manga
  Fist of the blue sky Aiki (a bit of not real martial arts probably thrown in there) the breaker season 1   also how is avatar real martial arts..?
  Wifey so mean. It's a nutritious sammich   Also tangster fail spoiler
  Pervert panda is getting excited.
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