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I was being cynical. 
Hint: Siren's were long mentioned in mythology long before anime even existed
So true~     are you going to make it a stack or a all in one?
Do another one sometime~
  I'm guessing audeze is a american based company or something? And the whole customs shebang. Maybe fostex has a factory in the UK? Idk they're japanese or something though so I have no idea.
  I CAN TEW SPELL NEIN.   Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh. IEMs aren't nearly as my thing as yours doe, SEE I'M NOT COPYING YOU.   what. stop being a sociopath? ha. sif. never.   oh ok i git it nao. well bleh poop u face.   you're dumbbbbbbbbb.    OK ILL DO IT (SINCE I HAVE MORE MONEY THAT YOU ANYWAYS)
  Oh right you're talking in sterling pounds. Forgot about that. Then that sounds about right.
  Yes he spelled 9 wrong biatch.    IEM head gear freak thing face duck.   FINE I'M ALL ALONE.   I don't understand. Wtf is GG hooks? I have no idea what that means but I understand the rest of it.   Idk what a t40 is.    I love copying you doe.
  Actually my friend fb messaged me that LOL. Pretty sure it was off reddit anyways.   You's the sloor sloor!   Discount from GG? Duhfuq is dat.    L0L   Pshhhhhhh. I most likely won't upgrade to intel as I barely game, but the u3011 would replace my TV as well. So I'd get ~150-200 back from selling that. SSD for... yeah i don't see why I really need that either to be honest.   And I can't justify upgrading to he-6 until grad school so I most likely will get...
^ locoguykbye.
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