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  Want to let me play it through your bnet account~? Or does blizzard still do that stupid thing where they link your c.c. to your account?     Why colorado is still far away.
  Never been :c.
I was being cynical. 
Hint: Siren's were long mentioned in mythology long before anime even existed
So true~     are you going to make it a stack or a all in one?
Do another one sometime~
  I'm guessing audeze is a american based company or something? And the whole customs shebang. Maybe fostex has a factory in the UK? Idk they're japanese or something though so I have no idea.
  I CAN TEW SPELL NEIN.   Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh. IEMs aren't nearly as my thing as yours doe, SEE I'M NOT COPYING YOU.   what. stop being a sociopath? ha. sif. never.   oh ok i git it nao. well bleh poop u face.   you're dumbbbbbbbbb.    OK ILL DO IT (SINCE I HAVE MORE MONEY THAT YOU ANYWAYS)
  Oh right you're talking in sterling pounds. Forgot about that. Then that sounds about right.
  Yes he spelled 9 wrong biatch.    IEM head gear freak thing face duck.   FINE I'M ALL ALONE.   I don't understand. Wtf is GG hooks? I have no idea what that means but I understand the rest of it.   Idk what a t40 is.    I love copying you doe.
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