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  I did make you a sandwich. A grasshopper sandwich. Like you'd come get a sandwich if I made it for you.   whorm.
  Gurl then I can just send it in because its under warranty. No norse cables I'm waiting on invoice.    And why are you so bitter about being original. Why am I not allowed to copy pasta you. You didn't even do it. Your he-400's are still poof'd.
  Ain't nobody got time for mmos.
  It'll take longer than a year for it to fail for me though since I'm still really careful with them so I'd have to pay for the discounted refurb pair if warranty is expired or whatever. Or the repair cost for it. Well I already bought adapters so its likeeeeeee. Iono. If I ever upgrade cables again to balanced maybe I'll do it.   Also the he-500? I bought it like 1-2 months ago. Cables I'm still waiting for an invoice.
  Hush you.
  Meh. Could ruin resale/void warranty/I already ordered adapters anyways
  I only play the campaigns LOL.   And its still pretty far doe...
-skip-   hmm i kind of want to get someone to hardwire mini xlr's into my he-500s 
  Want to let me play it through your bnet account~? Or does blizzard still do that stupid thing where they link your c.c. to your account?     Why colorado is still far away.
  Never been :c.
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