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Only 8200 posts in 2 months? Come on kids you can do better than that.
For tangystar.
Don't have mechy and don't see anyone who might be him in pineapple group.
I left the group somehow~ wifey add me again.
  ?    I went like afk internet. I'll PM you my skype info.   Also what's a Glo.
  -> notreallytoohardcoreofanaudiophile I just like buying expensive schiit. <3. Tell someone to add me to it.
Blah blah blah 2k posts unread I'll go back an read them someday maybe I have the stupid page bookmarked. Finals in 3 weeks let's get this schiit over with.   Just picked up a duck shine in green w/ browns~. Guess I'm going to have to learn how to solder so I can replace the LED's on my case. And maybe get a new mouse as well. Probably make a side window panel for my case over break as well if the local plastic store I found sells acrylic in sheets since I don't feel...
Anime thread has too many posts I cbf to read right now and don't want to lose the spot I was on so going to just avoid itttttt. Also finals are in a few weeks.   Ducky Shine 2's in blue are always oos everywhere, I'm thinking about just getting a green and resoldering the LED's on my fans to match.
  Duckys don't go on sale :c.
Hmm Rk-9100 on sale for $80; to get or just wait for the nighthawk to drop to $110-$120 again. Choices choices. Or just get both for a keyboard with browns and one with blues.
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