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Could you tell me about the soundstage and overall tone of the 1000x? I found the Momentum Wireless to sound way too bass heavy for my taste. I like the sound-signature to have a flat-response, but the sound has to be superb, though.  To what headphone can you compare these to? Thanks!
Yeah, from day 1 the mid-bass was too present to me. Not sure if you're referring to the same thing here.EDIT: but everything sounded wonderful after 30 hours in.
True, I loved everything but the bass when I first got them. But now I can't go without that particular bass, that just let's the rest of the instruments shine.
I was like 60 hours into the burn-in. Then I was stupid enough to send them in because the iOS-cable was broken..  Warranties are done superbly here in the Netherlands. Since they just swapped out the whole thing, a brand new headphone.  But now I have to start from 0. Ah well, at least I got a new one, smells wooden.
Since I didn't think the warranty for my earphones would cover my broken XBA-4s, since it also had external damage.  So I already bought a new set of in-ears.    So, I'd like to sell these brand new XBA-4s. The old ones got swapped out for new ones. As they are still sealed in the plastic package, I haven't tried them out. I kept them sealed so the buyer knows that they haven't been used yet, although the shinyness gives that away as well. Only the separate eartips and...
Sorry for the lack of information: Mouser, Digikey, and Alibaba are all asking for 16-20 bucks for just the shipping.  But since google doesn't find any other companies that are selling it, I guess that there are no others then? Weird..    I can find a few Ebay sellers, but they're so cheap (8 cents) that I wonder if they're the real deal.
YeahYeah, they're still making me pay 20 bucks. And now it's in Euros, which is even more expensive. They're stating they're positioned in my country (the Netherlands), but they're still shipping from some other planet. Though it states that they'll pay for customs, but the 7 euro they are asking is far below the maximum before customs will even try to bill me. Does anyone else know some other company?
Hi! Does anyone know where to get these filters when living in Europe? Mouser makes me pay 20 bucks for shipping... Outrageous.  And I can't seem to find any other non-american site.
Yeah, I must say; I love listening to piano pieces with these headphones. It almost feels real, if the recording is proper.
Has anyone found a different cable for these headphones? And does it also improve on said cable?
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