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Willing to post proof. My Uptown, which came in today, doesn't have a volume silder. Only the mic + pause/resume etc. My girlfriend which has the same headphones, in a different color and bought a month or so ago, does have a volume slider. (mines are black) It doesn't have removable earpads either. Well, only by screwdriver, which has also been mentioned in this thread.  I guess Philips keeps on updating their headphones as time goes by?    EDIT: did not read the last...
I see, I'll be sure to post my impressions. Right now I have the Sennheiser CX880. But the high notes stab my ear.   But the soundstage on them is great. So I have something to compare to!
Ah, that's good. I also saw a thread with custom wires for the TripleFi 10. Seems like a good deal. I'll be getting these today!
That sounds good indeed. Ás for the fit, they dont look THAT big to me though. I was able to fit the Shure SE215 inside my ear just fine, and they seem to be the same size. I guess I'll just have to be lucky.
Bump - time is of the essence.
Fellow head-fi'ers,   I can get these earphones (Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10) for 80 dollars / 100 euro. I'd like all-round in-ear earplugs that can withstand some jogging, without falling out. The music I usually listen to is Jpop and Jrock. Pretty much electric guitar, drums, bass, piano, electronic, on the higher side vocals kind of music. My question is; will these in-ears fit the bill? And is 100 euro worth it? I already know about the bulkyness, so...
Ah great, thanks for the info!
Thanks for your reply! I've seen a few pictures and it shows only adapters to certain ipod/phones and other phones. Will my iPhone 5 be suited with this one? Since it has an other connector
Hello everyone,     I'm in search of a portable amp for my KRK KNS-8400. The cheapest ones you can think of, but it should still be quality, though. If you can't think of cheap ones, then the next best thing that comes to your mind. I never have had an amp for my headphones. So I'm totally new to this.  Do I have to tell my music preferences for this?       Thanks!
Hm, I'm not too fond of on-ear designs, mostly 'cause I'm afraid they'll slide off and whatnot.
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